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  1. Team Name: God Only KnowsTeam Tag: GOKRegistered Players: DiegoCorrea, EnriqueXX, SkatersJCS, Kriger, Mkirito, Andressr, MorrizBel, RicardoMFL, JorgeBaleTeam Captain: MorrizBel
  2. Team Name: God Only Knows Team Tag: GOK Registered Players: DiegoCorrea, EnriqueXX, SkatersJCS, Kriger, Mkirito, Andressr, MorrizBel, RicardoMFL, JorgeBale Team Captain: MorrizBel
  3. i got 3th place of chile regional... i got 120 CPs then i signed up to a premier the same day and i got to the top again hahaha, i got 7th place... and got 21 CPs I Have 141 CPs, just 9 CPs left to the Pokemon World Championship of San Francisco, next August :O
  4. http://nuggetbridge.com/blogs/entry/1241-top-cut-teams-from-chiles-vgc16-regional/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KdTFeRMtQI Notice the Kangaskhan's nickname =P
  5. And finally -after asking every day to noad about when is nu gonna be launched, tell me some hints about the new pokes xD - we have never used!. Some new pokes we have not seen, a lot of them. About Pikachu, I think pikachu is not overpowered because: - It can't switch in-switch out so many times like a "snorlax" or "vaporeon". In fact, it can't switch-in at least one, unless in a double switch. - So many top tier pokes learn priorty moves (like fearow, hitmonchan, hitmontop). - A lot of speedties and another poke faster than pikachu.
  6. i won you 6-0 in the uu doubles final xd, i didn't lose any of my 6 pokes fred e.e
  7. xDDDDDD fred, we're on the same team ^^
  8. IGN: MorrizBel Go leader, go for the cup n.n
  9. IGN: JorgeBale Timezone: GMT -3:00 Tier: VGC 2015 and PokeMMo UU (soon) Bale is back uguues
  10. A new Poke to my Hate List: Amoonguss -_-

    1. timwaps


      vuelve al comp. puros cabros chicos en 6ta

    2. Bale11


      tai loco wn xd, hay de todo, no lo niego, de hecho un 95% son weones entero malos, pero el 5% restante son weones entero cabrones.

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