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  1. So I looked at the usage stats and chose a couple of pokemon to build around. But the team struggles against the fire bug and dd gyaradose (especially if it has substitute or the grass move they get) These names are gonna be spelled wrong Conceldurr- adamant @Flame orb -drain punch -ice punch -facad -mach punch Im thinking about replacing something for knockoff. The utility is too good and I believe it's 60 BP here now Scizor- adamant @Leftovers -bullet punch -bug bite -roost -sword dance Hydreigon- timid -Nasty plot -Dark pulse -Focus blast -Flame thrower Releculous (the fetus lookin thing)- modest @life orb -psychic -psyshock -focus blast -recover Psyshock was for blessed but it doesn't do much against chansey so might want to replace it. Rotom W- Modest @leftover -volt switch -willow wisp -hydro pump -defog Gastradon- bold @leftovers -earth power -recover -toxic -icebeam
  2. Does arena trap work in this game? Gengar was able to switch out but maybe ghosts are immune to being trapped? Idk it's been so long. How is cursed body uncompetitive?
  3. It appears that arena trap does not work, and garcomp doesn't get swords dance? Is there a list of deviations from the original game that were made to keep pokemon from users? I don't like figuring this stuff out in the middle of a match lol
  4. So I've had the misfortune to go against the sand devil garchomp. I don't understand why this was ever allowed to stay lol. Seems like it breaks the spirit of the evasion clause. He's the number 1 most used pokemon and idk a single mon who runs ice moves that can actually afford to miss. I'm on my phone now so calculations are hard to do but maybe rotom? The hax makes it no fun, the fact that it's on such a strong mon makes it unbalanced imo. I know some people say "hax is a part of the game" and that's true. But I much prefer a Meta where I get to choose what hax I am willing to deal with or not. If I choose to run hydro pump over surf and lose to a miss it feels like shit but at least it was my choice. I know that's not a standard that can apply everywhere, but when the number 1 poke is also using hax that breaks the spirit of a whole clause then we probably should look at it.
  5. So i was looking for ways to make money breeding, which is actually impossible without grinding for 31 pokes myself, but while I was factoring in the cost of the power items (the items used to transfer IVs) it found that every single one on the GTL was selling for 11k, but the NPC sells them for 10k. Do they actually sell for 11k on the GTL? Like do people not know about the NPC. Was there some kind of change made to the game that made it possible to sell for more than the NPC or are they just trying to scam noobs who some how made it to the breeder, knows what the power items do, but did not know the NPC sells them for cheaper? I thought it might be just that the only ones that stay on the GTL were the overpriced ones but many of them were recently added at that price. Its been a while since ive played this game so i may have missed something. If so i would love to know what it is
  6. I feel dumb posting this but what happened to the usage stats? Is it not pinned anymore? Didn't get moved? Are we not allowed to see it? Or am I actually dumb af and am missing it? I pmd a mod for this but got no answer.
  7. Been gone for a while, this isn't think nice's alt account Is it? I feel like think nice wouldn't post something like this. Also is pokemmo nerfing Pokemon because they kill a subset of a team archetype? I feel like if offensive teams is still valid but HO isn't so much so that's not really an issue is it? P.S. Love the fact that they are complex banning now. I spent a lot of time in my younger days fighting for this
  8. Ign codylramey Forum name codylramey Country murica Tiers OU Discord tba
  9. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/guide-to-trick-room-in-bw-ou.3469141/
  10. Trick room teams are cheapest to make bc unless you are a try hard and go for 0 speed then you dont have to worry about the speed stat.
  11. Why is confagrigus so good that everybody uses him?
  12. E4 and events are reasons to level to 100. Also gym runs.
  13. I understand, but i feel like that would be the only way to truly test something thats not obviously broken while maintaining the we dont want broken things to be implemented thing. I, of course, like the direction you guys are going with this btw. There is no point in implementing stuff that would disallow a mon from being used in comp imo. Maybe for the story line but from what i understand the devs want to make a lot of the storyline quasi-comp anyway.
  14. If you ever decided to change it to where hydra had draco and it turns out to be a huge mistake... would you delete draco from all of the comps that were made in the time it was allowed?
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