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  1. TEAM COMBAT # 2 ( Team ACÉ 2nd PVP event ) Details Team Tournament | Single Battle | Open Tier Date Sunday, December 12, 2021 Time 1:30 P.M | Philippine Time | Location Sendoff Spring , Channel 3 Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Rules • Strictly no any type of TRASH TALKING getting caught or reported by a participant/player will get automatically disqualified and will not be entertained. • Players who are not in the event in 5-10 minutes is automatically disqualified and will move to the next round. •You can change your teams per round. • Good luck and have fun. PRIZE 1st Place $3,000,000 Red Oni Mask 5x31 MODEST VOLCARONA w/ Leftovers 2nd Place $1,500,000 Battle Points Charm (+50%) 3X31 1X30 BOLD SALAMENCE 3rd Place $800,000 Choice specs 2x31 Adamant Scizor 4th Place $350,000 Choice specs 5th Place $350,000 4-8th will be given a chance to pick a 1 pokemon of their liking. 3x31 Adamant kabutops w/ Choice band 3x31 Bold Jellicent 3x31 Adamant Excadrill 3x31 Modest Rotom Heat 1x30 2x31 Adamant Crobat w/ Black Sludge DONATORS : Eyaren Johnzey iSpade IanPinar HydraXoX klipftop ClaudyTzy boboamp
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