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  1. cool avatar

  2. Steins;Gate!

    When to use CLANNADN's avatar?

  3. PokeMMO does not offer support to end-of-life Windows versions.
  4. What's this?


    1. noty



  5. The GTL shouldn't scroll, it has X listings per page. Stop using newlines.
  6. You already have the english versions of those files. ns_strings_zh.xml == IRB_0_en.xml ns_strings_zh_storyline.xml == IRB_1_en.xml ns_strings_zh_platinum.xml = CPU_0_en.xml strings_zh_dump.xml == BPE_en.xml strings_zh_dump.xml == BPR_en.xml
  7. We can only include translations of the data/strings/strings_en.xml file. We cannot include dumped strings in the official PokeMMO client. This is done from our translation project located at translate.pokemmo.eu. We only accept fluent contributors, who do not rely on machine translation services.
  8. That string is in IRB_0_en.xml. Please just search the files for what you need.
  9. The first 5, are each rom's language files. You will need to translate these to entirely translate all parts of the game. You will need to edit them and change the language code at the top of the file. You should also use the normal strings_en.xml from the data folder as the base. Not the dumped strings_en.xml.
  10. NPGM



  11. 341371589_)5DK8CRYK(P6P3OQ9R)4.png.0fd00eddb7d20483837a4c239f4c865d.png

    Can you sing?

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