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  1. Currently the price is capped on 20M yen for these items. But the values of the 2015-2016 variants are higher than 20M, hence none are seen on the GTL. Remove or increase the price cap for these items so they can be sold and bought on the GTL please.
  2. My advice as owner of the rarest items in game... Coloured Desu Labcoat Kyu Hat Knight Helmet Orange/Blue Flaming Skull Mask Ghost Outfit Scythe Candy Cane Jack o Lantern
  3. Regular anniversary chest: 2x TM Firethrower 2x TM Giga Drain 10 Red fireworks
  4. @Tranzmaster should have a couple of original ideas like: "Equip Choice Band only or pretend to hold it" or "Pick and ban system to teambuild before a duel" or "School of Brock" Seems like OG staff were just more original with event ideas.
  5. Tyrone


    AY THE LIKE COUNTER IS BACK! Hype - Please help me get to the front page
  6. Thank you to all participants and helping refs. Was great to have you all here! 3rd place: GavinKlavier 2nd place: Branaso 1st place: SoleFlyDavid
  7. Idea by: @Tranzmaster Explanation: Brock is searching for a new apprentice! Prove him you're worthy by showing off your battling and trivia skills! The trivia questions will be asked in shout chat. The player who answers a trivia question (in normal chat) correctly and is first, moves on to the next round. The others battle each other for a spot in the next round. The tier is Randoms. Round 1: 31 players: 5 trivia questions. The other 26 battle each other for the 13 spots in the next round. Round 2: 18 players: 4 trivia questions. The other 14 battle each other for the 7 spots in the next round. Round 3: 11 players: 3 trivia questions. The other 8 battle each other for the 4 spots in the next round. Round 4: 7 players: 1 trivia question. The other 6 battle each other for the 3 spots in the next round. Round 5: 4 players: 0 trivia questions. All players battle eachother for the final round. Loser Finals: 2 losing players battle eachother for the third place. Final: 2 winning players battle eachother for the victory. ------ Details: 31 Players Randoms Tournament/Trivia Hybrid Challenge Single Battle Date + Time: Date: Tuesday 30th November Time: 3:00 PM EDT | 8:00 PM GMT Registration: Date: Tuesday 30th November Time: 2:30 PM EDT | 7:30 PM GMT Signups start 30 minutes before Tourment begins. Location: Pewter Gym, Channel 4 Prize: 1st: Shiny Onix + 1M 2nd: Shiny Geodude + 500K 3rd: Shiny Sandshrew Registration Method: Post your IGN in this thread once registration moment has occurred. Registration will be first come, first serve. Referees: @Tyrone @Tranzmaster @KaynineXL @Zehkar @Bilburt @Mike Notes: Jack Black will not make an appearance in this event. Volpi Clause (requesting to change channels for your matches) will not be allowed for this tournament. Challenge your opponent to a Randoms duel by 1) Selecting Advanced Option and 2) Selecting Randoms as Standard Tier Questions will be asked in ENGLISH only.
  8. IGN: Tyrone Time: GMT+1 Tiers: OU + ADV OU Fluff: Winner of PSL 6 - record of 6-1 in ADV OU in PSL 4. Tier Council member since 2015. 80+% winrate in OU Ranked this season. Beat gbwead in an official Tournament last month.
  9. It's not a feature which is available nor will it be made available.
  10. Go play showdown then.
  11. For donations up to a value of 10M ish I wouldn't worry about getting banned for RMT. Given that you don't have 30 friends who you donate 10M to. But if you are talking about 400M ... Better to inform an SGM about the trade and get their blessing.
  12. Foggi knows a thing or two about ddos PokeMMO This is probably another bug.
  13. Hard to tell. Anyone with colourable desu's is in the top 20 for sure. Top 10 would be people with 5B+ net worth. Some chinese players are sleeping on 10k+ RP vouchers too... Names are hard to say, but Yetto and HF come to mind in my top 10. Awkways and Akshit could also lean towards the high end.
  14. It was indeed the first one, it will only improve from here. Lowering gbwead's volume is something we all wish we could do. But Blue can probably do it on his discord settings, we'll do a soundtest before the next recording to fix that.
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