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  1. It would be interesting to do an event where you catch pokes of one egg group but you can catch it anywhere during the event as long as it is that egg group. Like if it was Field you could go to the Wismur in hoenn, Route 1 in Unova, etc. to find a pokemon in that egg group with the highest ivs. Also a first route event where you go for the lowest IVs not highest so 1,2,3 are lowest and 4th is highest
  2. I have the same issue to a degree, as i'm blue yellow and red green color blind so the colors look very similar. maybe bold the red and underline the yellow or something like that, and make a key somewhere. Just a thought, and it would help the player base so... Thank you for bringing this up. ?
  3. so i updated and it keeps kicking me out every time...
  4. wait is it really going to be down for 2-3 hours (srry first update)
  5. so we can submit multiple pokes? Interesting
  6. So is there a general guide for pricing of ditto with 31ivs? I couldn't find one and want to know how to price ditto I catch. Thanks in advance ?
  7. Zorua can be found at night but pokedex says should only be available during the day sorry didn't know where to report this
  8. Seems like some players will have instantly better accounts then others if only 30% of players get 2 legends and everyone else only get one. You would have to add the Legendary Birds for Kanto, Eon Duo for Hoenn, Lunar Duo for Sinnoh, and 3 musketeer Trio for Unova, and use the mechanic above to choose which one or even base it on the starter u choose so people can pick the legend that way(Duos could just be 50/50 shot). This way you can keep the king of the hill legends and everyone get at least 4 weaker legends to use for story. I would make it so u can only have 1 or 2 in your party at one time for balancing (Gym rematchs would be way too ez) and untradeable. Also, it is well know there is a Pokémon multi-verse, and that all players are within their own universe. Therefor, every legend really should be available to everyone, but for balancing purposes they aren't. All and all seems like a way to allow legends in the game without upsetting the balance. Multi-verse explained:
  9. Similar to Pokémon GTL in main games where u put a poke in and request a specific poke in return, and could ask for IVs, ability, nature, etc. Like if I put a 31iv speed Charmander in to the GTL I can ask for a 31iv Special attack Squirtle in return. This would make it feel more like TRADING and not buying/selling.
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