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  1. They are designed to be modular without needing to be unzipped or combined. (If you decide you don't want standing charizard you can replace it with flying without having to redownload and replace all of the other files.) However, You downloaded the "Simple" version and all of the "Customized" addons. The HDRelodedSimple is for people who don't want to customize their Charizard, Cyndaquil, and size caps. You will have conflicts with it.
  2. From the looks of it, your missing a step in the installation procedure or one of your downloads was corrupted and isn't showing on your mod list. If you go over the installation instructions again or post your mod management list you'll probably see what is missing.
  3. I do not host older versions of the mod. I use free versions of MediaFire and Mega for other purposes and need the space. It is also impossible to deal with bug fixes when people have multiple versions, I tried that once on here and it failed in 24 hours. As far as making them. The 3d models and animations were taken from the 3DS games X & Y, converted to FBX through Blender, and then put into Unity. The textures were taken from SW&SH as well as Let's Go Pikachu. The pokemon without HD textures in those games were made by hand in Krita. All pokemon with VFX had custom effects made by hand using Unity's VFX Graph. The pokemon that were approved by the community were kept, and the rest were restored to a more 2013 style.
  4. Of course there is. The original HD Wailord GIF from version 1.0 was 4.41MB. The new version is only 1.88MB. Which is ~43% of the previous size. Amazing! That compression of "noisy" GIF over 2820 something GIFs is a huge difference in mod size. I posted that there was a new compression in the patch notes. Which was the majority of complaints I received about the mod. The amount of complaints I receive about the "noise" is negligable. It is impossible to make a mod that I'm happy with that pleases every other person on the internet. I've become desensitized to trying. If you like the older version, use that. I'm sure it's posted somewhere in this thread surrounded by complaints on how people can't get the big file size to work on android and community people trying to split the filesize into smaller files. Then there are pages of people complaining they can't get the split files to work. Good Luck, Have Fun.
  5. No, no puedo. Lo siento, pero si el espacio de tu HDD es el factor limitante, entonces el mod HD con los archivos más grandes no es el mod para ti. Puedes probar la SD, o si es demasiado grande, tendrás que probar un mod de otra persona que sea más pequeño.
  6. Probé el pokemon grande HD en mi móvil y funciona perfectamente. Es posible que tenga un problema con la capacidad de su móvil. No puedo ayudarte con los archivos de Budadeth. Esos no son míos.
  7. I recommend reading patch notes. Everything is described there and can save you the headache of downloading and working with a version of a mod that has changes you don't like.
  8. Have you modded the txt files with the version that says "for Larger Pokemon"? That will use the new files but change the way PokeMMO displays them to use the old formula.
  9. Lee la publicación que está arriba de la tuya. Hay instrucciones en la seccion "patches" para hacer el pokemon más grande. (Depende del tamaño que quieras)
  10. I'm sorry you're unhappy with the mod. I have done as the community asked and made the pokemon smaller to accommodate Alpha release. The sizes were picked by a community member. Since many were unhappy with the smaller pokemon, I released patch 2.1a with instructions to replace the sizes to make them big again (according to the original formula). This was done with the exception of 8 pokemon that I listed in the patch notes. Any pokemon over the 100% GIF size were capped to reduce oversizing and pixelization. As to your specific request, I released the full measurements for the 8 pokemon from the patch notes. These will have to overwrite the capped amounts on the 2.1a txt files. If you use these to overwrite the regular 2.1 release, you will end up with strange sizes. If you are having trouble with Android but not PC, the error lies in the replacing of files. There is no android specific setting with battlesprite mods. They are just png files. Retry the steps from above. I think the mod is great the way it is. It is now tailored for people who want the feet coordinates to line up. (SD) It is tailored for people who only want to hunt shiny pokemon. (Shiny Hunter) It is tailored for people who want higher resolution and smaller mon. (HD) It is tailored for people who want higher resolution and bigger mon, but not too big. (HD + 2.1a patch) It is tailored for people who want higher resolution and bigger mon even if they are gigantic. (HD + 2.1a patch + Oversized table) If you are still not happy with the mod after this, I recommend finding one you are happy with or making it. I think the mod is perfect the way it is and has seen enough tweaking.
  11. Here you go. These are the real levels for the eight pokemon I wrote about in the patch notes. I also tossed in the large version of the Charizard and Cyndi line alternates. # Name table-summary-scale table-front-scale table-coordinate-mods table-back-scale 6 Charizard 6=0.69 6=0.328 6,front=0,0.04,0 6,back=0,0.04,0 6=0.246 42 Golbat 42=0.768 42=0.29 42,front=0,0.41,0 42,back=0,0.41,0 42=0.2175 144 Articuno 144=0.72 144=0.423 144,front=0,0.18,0 144,back=0,0.18,0 144=0.317 146 Moltres 146=0.672 146=0.509 146,front=0,0.31,0 146,back=0,0.31,0 146=0.191 155 Cyndaquil 155=0.22 155=0.113 155,front=0,-0.26,0 155,back=0,-0.26,0 155=0.085 156 Quilava 156=0.21 156=0.108 156,front=0,-0.27,0 156,back=0,-0.27,0 156=0.081 157 Typhlosion 157=0.51 157=0.24 157,front=0,-0.08,0 157,back=0,-0.08,0 157=0.18 169 Crobat 169=0.576 169=0.2515 169,front=0,0.3,0 169,back=0,0.3,0 169=0.1885 249 Lugia 249=0.768 249=0.587 249,front=0,0.42,0 249,back=0,0.42,0 249=0.44 250 Ho-oh 250=0.768 250=0.558 250,front=0,0.38,0 250,back=0,0.38,0 250=0.418 321 Wailord 321=0.48 321=0.403 321,front=0,0.15,0 321,back=0,0.15,0 321=0.302 628 Braviary 628=0.87 628=0.417 628,front=0,0.17,0 628,back=0,0.17,0 628=0.312
  12. Quick Patch for HD Version Version 2.1a (Alternative) has been released. For those of you who want the bigger pokemon back, I have changed the formula to slightly increase all pokemon heights. (Not as big as v1.0) This is experimental and has had no testing. It is only for the HD version and requires txt files to be overwritten. More info in the patch notes. Because of other projects, I will not be updating this mod further. I hope you all enjoyed it.
  13. Shaymin has had a 3D sprite in this mod for over a year now. Cyndaquil and its evolutions are not lacking fire. You just have to look harder. https://www.mediafire.com/file/vufj6p4qtt7jbnb/HolidayMystery.txt/file
  14. Nope. As I stated in the patch notes, Pokemon in v2.0 were made smaller by demand. I received many complaints that the mod didn't compensate for Alpha Pokemon, some prior to that. Sizing changes made by the PokeMMO developers are automatically applied to the GIF with Alpha. In order to rectify this, pokemon were made 80% of their original size. If you collect and fight Alpha pokemon, they will appear in the size of the previous patches. I didn't care to change it, and I didn't pick the new sizes. The measurements were done by a member of the community. You are free to change the size of the pokemon in your copy. I also support people making their own mods.
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