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  1. I know, you got my hint! 🙂 That's a shame, they used to be a badge of honor and one of the main reasons people were hyped for series
  2. So that's a no? Assuming he's busy on other things, I don't mind making them if DS sends me a template (mostly for shine timing/speed & that little letter icon I know I won't bother trying to find)
  3. My mans single handedly keeping the forums breathin
  4. You didn't, but I did @BearminatorOn that point, what I mean by forums need a revamp is this: Unofficial events are a bigger part of the forums than Official events, because aside from PvE events (which are still announced through system messages) and the odd special tournament like Kaynine's Doubles/OU Tag Team, there is no reason to check the Official Events section. Unofficial events however, being community-led and not included in the ingame Tournament window, bring traffic to the forums. The problem with the way the Comp. Alley section is structured now is twofold: 1) Unofficial Tournaments is buried in Comp. Alley as a subsection when it's probably (one of) the most visited part(s) of the forums. That means that all the tournament & event threads are jumbled up in there in an incoherent mess. Having Unofficial Tournaments be its own section would also allow subsections for PvE events, Single Tournaments and Leagues/long-form tournaments, with different pins for each. For example a pinned thread to discuss event scheduling in [Unofficial Tournaments - section] -> (Leagues - subsection) would be very nice, and that's one example of many. 2) Tying into it being an incoherent mess, there's no naming pattern to the titles so it's a pain to get around, Gbweed's thread/suggestion helps with that, let's make it official. Maybe one day if the events names are done properly we could see a separate tab ingame added for Unofficial Tournaments with all the info for each (a man can dream).
  5. Yes & definitely include formatting, honestly just copy paste what GB wrote & credit him somewhere As I understand it Unofficial Tournaments should be its own section soon tm Even if we end up going the Clubs route for leagues & long-form events the forums need a revamp so having an updated rules pin for that "new" section makes sense
  6. @RacheIt's been a while but I'm thinking you might remember, wasn't XcelImpulse forum banned essentially for being an insufferable idiot?
  7. @caioxlive13Until you have hundreds of games logged, usage/wr don't really give you much as player skill & team composition/synergy (especially in this format) are more important factors. Once you have the entire season logged, it's possible that there is some data in there that could be of use in the future, but it's not guaranteed to be helpful.
  8. Agreed, no staff-enforced rule is needed, anyone should be able to host regular events whenever they want. If it's a one time tournament or event it has virtually no impact, the problem comes from long-form events e.g. PSL. The current problem is one brought on by a lack of common sense, we can't have half a dozen long-form events that both require a significant portion of the community being involved in them and ingame prep time. That has a bunch of repercussions, none of which are positive: forces people to dodge events they otherwise might have enjoyed, lessens the hype significantly for all the events, breeds a culture of "first come first served" when it comes to hosting (which we've seen with world cup v. psl teams). As for a solution, a revamp of the unofficial tournaments section would be a good place to start. Where moderators could prove useful would be in keeping a pinned & locked thread updated with current & future events (fairly certain the current calendar only includes officials & CN community events? Hard to tell if it's just not being updated with unofficials). I'm not sure about what to do with people jumping on an event finishing to host the one they had been planning on hosting, I guess communication between hosts & the community at large is key there. Seeing a general thread popping up out of nowhere feels wrong. When PSL happens and it's hosted properly you know who is hosting it and when it starts, I feel that's a model that has worked and see no reason to deviate from it.
  9. 100% to everything said but on that specific point: We should start shitting on hosts again. Back in the day you'd have to be a masochist to want to host PSL, that's why people respected those who would & no random ass people attempted to host.
  10. Oh forgot to mention VGC worlds & world cup, really not sure about the timing Also @DoctorPBCmmo VGC league, forgot that one too
  11. Don't want to shit on anyone's parade and am glad to see this event coming back around but a few comments: 1. Logo slaps, great work as always @Tear 2. Are you 3 certain about the timing? The community currently has these events going: - PGC (4 weeks to go + likely 2 weeks for the final tournament). - World Cup (is that still happening? idek or care but ye). - PCL (which takes a decent amount of prep time depending on the tier). Individual teams are likely to have long-form events going as well, at least we do. 3. Maybe get someone to write the English part of the post, I don't mind that you're inventing new words like votation or that it's a bit harder to read but stuff like this is confusing because it means the opposite of what I think you intended: 4. Not a fan of either of the tier choices you're giving. The first choice shits on Doubles and the second overemphasizes OU. About Doubles: You're signing up the top 6 teams in the TT standings so I'll assume you'd want the event to be competitive. If we're talking about the best teams I don't see a reason not to value Doubles the same as the other official tiers. About OU: You're not running a community event that needs to be accessible, for which emphasizing OU would make sense. Again, it's reserved to a select number of teams, your goal is to make it as level a playing field as possible.
  12. Team name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: VOW Registered Players: JeanMarcH Pottina Draekyn Sargeste DridrigoFK TohnR Quinn LynxL Atiewis ChuckUnso OrangeManiac Hysteriantics Parke Crible Zigh Team Captain: Draekyn
  13. South America is like 90% of the signups, crazy
  14. Yes, this. I'll put it in the main post
  15. It would save everyone a significant amount of time to be able to just press a button and generate a pokepaste (https://pokepast.es) straight from our battle boxes. Might be unrealistic coding wise as the servers would have to communicate with that website, I guess? If it's something that can be done, I and I'm sure a lot of others would appreciate it being a thing. Easier way I guess (ty Baki) would be to have it generate plain text, that'd help just as much.
  16. Well as I said above, the idea is that it’s pokemon. Realistically after 4-5 attempts anyone is able to win against anyone provided they have access to what challengers have here: a shitload of info on their opponent (playstyle, favored archetypes/mons, even sets & spreads if they pay enough attention). We expect leaders to start dropping games pretty early on so the overload you mention is unlikely to happen. Especially since a large chunk of players are going to think it’s too difficult to learn a tier from scratch and not attempt certain gyms.
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