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  1. My entry for the Pokémon of the month, it was alot of fun :3
  2. Me being me I made a small mistake and totally forgot about @saprina's entry which would've won the community vote qwq @saprina and @LunaGrim will both get the full price from 4th place and @pablobacas still gets his 5th place price^-^ Im soo sorry for this mistake<3
  3. WINNERS Heyy! Here I am again :3 This month really flew by.. but we are super excited to announce the winners now! Just like last time, the judges had a really hard time to decide on the winners. Everyone did amazing even if they didn't reach the top 3, you guys never stop to impress me! ♥ I also wanted to thank some people ♥ @xPauu @KaynineXL @patrouski and @Bearminator for being an amazing judge team, it was alot of fun to pick the entries and to see each others favorites^-^ Seriously thank you guys♥ also @DragoTamer @Elizn @Requi @xPauu @Bearminator and @KaynineXL for all the additional prizes. I always want to offer a huge prize pool for these Events and you guys helped me to make this possible♥ And ofcourse everyone who participated or messaged me about the event, this couldn't be possible without you!♥ But for the part everyone is here for! Winners: 1st Place: @LordQuostoninost (8m Pokéyen, a drawing of their in-game Character, 2013 "Bearminator" OT Teddiursa, 5x Free EV-Training & Shiny Kanto Particles) Congratulations!♥ You didnt only reach 1st place for the judges, you also got 48 Community votes, which is really impressive! Its an amazing screenshot with alot of humor and thought behind it! And a deserved 1st place!♥ 2nd Place: @Tear (7m Pokéyen, Winged Heart Backpack, 2x Free EV-Training, 1k Reward Points) Really amazing screenshot!♥ You made excellent use of the new rules! With a great theme and amazing execution you not only reached 2nd place, but you also got by far the most votes.. 71 VOTES! Thats insane! Very well deserved!♥ 3rd Place: @LaMikotoMisaka (5m Pokéyen, Every Contest Ribbon on a Pokemon of your choice, 1x Free EV-Training, 1k Reward Points) ITS SOO CUTE!♥ This had to be the cutest entry we had! Not many people made use of their hidden base, making your screenshot even more unique! With 32 votes you were also a community favourite! Amazing work!♥ 4th Place: @saprina COMMUNITY VOTE (3m Pokéyen, 1 Free Budget Comp Breed) Beautiful entry!♥ The location, the cordinated outfits and followers make this one look really amazing! With 32 votes the community seems to agree aswell!♥ 5th Place: @LunaGrim COMMUNITY VOTE (3m Pokéyen, 1 Free Budget Comp Breed) We couldn't agree more with the Community!♥ With 28 votes you've got 5th place! The matching outfits and followers together with an amazing location makes the screenshot look really great!♥ (Teddiursa is superior tho >->) 6th Place: @pablobacas COMMUNITY VOTE (2m Pokéyen) Another great choice from the community!♥ With 24 votes you were really close to 5th place! I love the humor of your entry!♥ I WILL CONTACT ALL WINNERS ON FORUMS THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS You can also contact me here: here on Forums on Discord: urCute#2330 and via Mail in PokeMMO: urCute Im sooo happy how the event turned out, I hope I will see you guys in my next event! ♥THANK YOU EVERYONE!♥
  4. OOOO Welcome to the community!<3 Big fan of your Pixelart, it looks fantastic! 😄
  5. urCute's Pixel-art Commissions Heyy People!, this is my pixel-art "shop"! I do alot of pixel-art in my freetime, and since I have alot of freetime atm I thought I might aswell open commissions for people who might be interested in that kind of thing^-^ I'd also gladly help with designs for team/unofficial events if you'd need someone for that! Contact me on Discord if you're interested in buying something or if you have any questions about my drawing^^ " urCute#2330 " (when im awake I usually reply within a few hours, keep my timezone in mind) Central European Time (CET) LARGE DRAWING OF A CHARACTER (UPTO 350x350) 400k (+300k for every additional character/Pokemon) (examples) SMALL DRAWING OF A CHARACTER (UPTO 150x150) 150k (+90k for every additional character/Pokemon) (examples) Small chibi character (32x32) 50k (examples) Others (pretty much any other requests you may have :3) 1k per pixel (for example: 100x100 = 200k) (+500k if animated) (examples) (I might adjust the prices individually if I think it's more/less work than usual) Thanks for reading this!<3 (THE DRAWING IN MY SIGNATURE AND PFP IS NOT MADE BY ME, PLEASE DON'T REQUEST SOMETHING IN THAT STYLE c:)
  6. Hey guys, did you know that in terms of man human and female Pokemon breeding, Vaporeon is the most... IGN: urCute
  7. ♥♡UNOFFICIAL EVENT♡♥ ♥♡[läva] urCute's Fancy Fashion Contest 2♡♥ ❤️THANKS FOR OVER 100 ENTRIES!❤️ SPECIAL THANKS TO: @KaynineXL @Bearminator @patrouski @xPauu @DragoTamer @Elizn & Everyone that supported my last event! Welcome back beautiful people of PokeMMO! With well over 100 entries, my last fashion contest turned out to be way bigger than I could have ever imagined, but why stop there? With alot of amazing new cosmetics and a twist on some rules from the last contest, I'm more than certain that people can create some amazing screenshots! The goal is simple: impress me, the other judges and the community with an amazing screenshot! HOW TO ENTER? Everyone is allowed! Simply post your finished picture as a reply to this post! Make sure you read the rules first! Tips: It's important to note that we won't judge the most expensive or rare outfit, but rather the most creative Screenshot. That means throwing together your most expensive cosmetics won't give you an advantage over newer players. Use a nice follower and location that go well with your outfit, or grab yourself some friends to pose with Use the in-game screenshot and "Hide GUI" option (you can find them in your control settings) You can crop your screenshot! Mobile users can use it to hide the GUI You can reuse older screenshots from similar events (also from my last contest) (except the winners of the 1st contest ofc! :3) Rules: ★ only 1 entry per person ★ The screenshot must include your own character ★ This time around you're allowed to add as many extra people to your screenshot as you like! (The prize will go to the person submitting the screenshot) ★ Editing the photo or using graphic enhancing mods is forbidden (this does not include: "Gen. 5 Follower Sprites") (I can spot filters and colorgrading, so dont try to cheat!) ★ Images submitted after August 1st, won't be accepted as a valid entry ★ Your Entry can be changed by deleting your previous post. (Posting another screenshot or editing your previous post will make your entry invalid) Judges: @KaynineXL @Bearminator @patrouski @xPauu @urCute I Couldn't be happier with the Judge lineup, thank you guys!♥ YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY UNTIL August 1st 2022 WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY AFTER CURRENT PRIZE POOL: (This will probably increase during the event) 25M+ Pokéyen 2k Reward Points a professional drawing of your Character Winged Heart Backpack 2013 "Bearminator" OT Teddiursa Every Contest Ribbon on a Pokemon of your choice Free EV-Training Service 1x Free Budget Breed The drawing, 25m & Winged Heart Backpack by @urCute 2013 Bearminator OT Teddiursa by @Bearminator 2k Reward Points by @KaynineXL Contest Ribbons by @DragoTamer EV-Training by @Elizn Breed by @Requi Last events drawing of the winner ( @xPauu) _____________________________________ 1st place: 8m Pokéyen + a drawing of their in-game Character + 2013 "Bearminator" OT Teddiursa +5x Free EV-Training 2nd place: 7m Pokéyen + Winged Heart Backpack +2x Free EV-Training + 1k Reward Points 3rd place: 5m Pokéyen + Every Contest Ribbon on a Pokemon of your choice +1x Free EV-Training +1k Reward Points BONUS: 4th place: 3m Pokéyen + 1 Free Budget Comp Breed (3x31, 2x27 +Nature) 5th place: 2m Pokéyen ___________________________________ 4th & 5th place - Community vote: The winner of the 5th and 4th place will be decided by you! The 2 most liked pictures who didn't reach the top 3 will get 2m & 3m Pokéyen aswell! (if a tie occurs, the judges will vote between them) The Drawing: The picture is drawn by a really talented artist, who also drew my own PokeMMO avatar. It would be a waist up drawing of your avatar wearing any outfit you choose. I will contact the winner myself, so we can plan everything! (The drawing can take some time, so please be patient c:) If you have any questions about the event, I'd be glad to answer them! You can write your questions below this post contact me here on Forums on Discord: urCute#2330 and via Mail in PokeMMO: urCute ♥SHOUT-OUTS♥ Check out @KaynineXL's PokeMMO Gym Challenge It's an amazing unofficial you definitely shouldn't miss! Also make sure to check out @patrouski's YouTube channel for amazing PokeMMO content! CHANNEL HERE Thank you for your additional prize @DragoTamer! Check out his Ribbon shop HERE Check out @Elizn's EV Emporium! Check out @Requi's Amazing Eggmart! I hope to see some of you guys in the event! thanks for reading this! ♥
  8. Its finally here! ❤️ I'm really thankful for being able to do my part on this amazing event!
  9. ✰Team Tournament✰ ✰Team AiR's OU/UU/NU Tournament✰ ★Rules★ ✦To enter this event, you have to be a Team-AiR Member or a invited guest . ✦Your Team must contain: 2 OU Pokémon, 2 UU Pokémon and 2 NU/Untiered Pokémon. ✦The Tournament will be single elimination. ✦If someone doesn't respond for 5 Minutes after their battle is announced, they're disqualified. ✦People joining after 7 PM EET won't be allowed to enter. ✦changing your team during the event is forbidden. ★Time & Place★ Kanto Region, Silph Co. Channel 1 Sunday April 10th 7PM EET (5 PM UTC time) For Further Details https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ !!!WARNING!!! Please be at Silph Co. 10 minutes before the event starts to avoid further delays. ★PRIZES★ 1st Place 1.000.000 Pokéyen 2nd Place 500.000 Pokéyen 3rd Place 300.000 Pokéyen 4th Place 200.000 Pokéyen GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! ❤️
  10. WINNERS Wow.. what a month! I think I can speak for everyone when I say this Event got much bigger than originally expected. Before I announce the winners, please note that there is no shame in not being in the top 3 of over 130 participants. Everyone did soo great, and I think the other judges can agree that it was almost impossible to decide on our favorites! ♥I also wanted to thank some people ♥ @Masterkeyys & @KaynineXL for being excellent judges and helping me out a lot with this Event and the prizes ♥ @DragoTamer for the additional prize ♥ And everyone who participated or messaged me about the event, this couldn't be possible without you! ♥ Winners: 1st Place: @xPauu (8 Million Pokéyen + a drawing of their ingame Character) Congratulations xPauu!♥ I love the spooky vibe! You had everything a great picture needed - a nice location -a really cute outfit and a follower that goes great with the outfit and location! 2nd Place: @yusday (5 Million Pokéyen + a shiny Pichu) Really amazing job!♥ This is definetly one of the cutest entries! I love the partnerlook with your follower and the beautiful background to match it! 3rd Place: @Nivus (4 Million Pokéyen + all contest ribbons on a pokemon of your choice) What a creative picture!♥ The Hogwarts vibe is amazing! the matching outfits with your partner and the great follower picks make this one really unique! 4th Place: @ImTheWalrusHere COMMUNITY VOTE (3 Million Pokéyen) We couldnt agree more with the Community!♥ I love the Ice Cream Clerk outfits of you and your partner! together with the two little followers, the fireworks and the perfect location makes this screenshot extremely sweet! (hehe) TO EVERY WINNER Please contact me on one of these platforms: (preferably Discord) here on Forums on Discord: urCute#6128 via PokeMMO: urCute CLOSING WORDS Im really proud of how big this Event became! I hope this is not the last time I will see you guys in my Events! To answer the question I got asked the most: Yes, there will be more Events like this in the Future♥ ♥THANK YOU EVERYONE!♥
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