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  1. Not a single special move against a curse user poke... Why should physical only teams exist lmao
  2. Devs didn't like getting clown emote on their posts 🤡
  3. It's the only pokemon mmo with easy grind if I exclude the old vanities.
  4. Time to change the Int data type to BigInt xD It doesn't work that way, in MMO as far I understand, any item involving money/yen(be it gtl, your money count or the bank you're saying to implement) can not surpass the number Quakkz said. So the bank will add an additional 2b storage which doesn't sound like a proper solution unless, well, you can buy multiple storage
  5. tl;dr There's literally not many HA pokes, the devs just took some pokes gave HA and slept again there was supposed to be a part 3 event(maybe more HAs as well) yet the meta is running for months with this broken serperior.. This would be the best solution atm
  6. The best channel is available inside elite four rooms, try it
  7. sorry I read stuff wrong at first my mistake. indeed
  8. It doesn't work like that, each individual pokemon has 1/30,000 chance of being shiny without donator or charm. EACH POKEMON.
  9. It's required for a team with me, I and myself as 3 different members.
  10. Indeed why every possibility to extend the game's QoL has to be in RPs. Recent Teleport ocarina for example. Too much bootlicking
  11. Imagine the amount of clown relations the devs will get in next update if it's hopefully not the p3
  12. Finally the dislike button is here. Amazing
  13. It took you so long to find the third part of anniversary event, atleast you did finally.
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