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  1. Ultra [max compress], max backup using zip reduces potential zip bomb
  2. when you go forward everything will feel move shock wave, and all paralyze. Get a guide on some routes and this is not a storyline (guide tavern). Get new team is very helpful
  3. simple: Pokemon Platinum, PokeMMO. Awesome 3D rendering.
  4. No one goes there. Strength glitches. Notification Sorry, I don't use bullets and numbering
  5. I was here screen. I found some items like TM Flash. I used Nosepass to get past it using rock smash. I like it because it's like a moia clone.
  6. I'm confused because torterra is in trade and I tried to transfer from PC box but can't. this helps trade is only a choice, because I will release it
  7. My Torterra is too big, I want to release it. Can starter Pokemon be traded?
  8. Even though I'm not in the 'Kanto' region, I enjoy the music reception of Alola Music.
  9. In game name: AltMMO Join Date: 12/11/2021 Hours played: 11 Hours Screenshot of your character: Picture of yourself [Optional]: Country where you live: Somewhere in Asia Current occupation: System Developer Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Salt Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: Machamp Last meal you ate was: Food
  10. joining a clan/guild doesn't seem to exist. At the beginning of my introduction, I was directed to join the friend feature. For pokemon sword I assume you are proficient, please visit the unofficial tournament
  11. I'm not a hypocrite, RPG is always played by the protagonist character. Final fantasy always puts the player ahead of the outside of the story.
  12. we just want to have a light competition through gtl market Is not half hard?
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