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  1. Unova Pickups (100% confirmed) Mistralton Cave - some encounters: -Everstone -Hard Stone -Nest Ball Route 14 -Clever Wing -Mystic Water -Ultra Ball -Silk Scarf -Berry Juice -Rare Candy Route 12: -Great Ball -Super Potion -Miracle Seed -Genius Wing -Super Repel Village Bridge -Blackglasses -Pretty Wing -Resist Wing -Swift Wing -Great Ball Route 13 -Nest Ball - Hard Stone -Resist Wing Route 11 -Quick Claw -Genius Wing -EnergyPowder -Nest Ball Route 18 -Blackglasses Undella Bay -Stardust -Nevermeltice -GreatBall -Big Pearl -Mystic Water -Super Potion Route 11 -Mystic Water
  2. True. I was on a mood to build something for it only xD But yeah I'm new to NU and I already know that the bull is to good..
  3. Thats true don't get me wrong... I'm here just thinking in ways and ways to stop it, so it clearly has much power on this Tier. Even if theres a counter that does the job nicely (can't get it perfect), Granbull is kinda OP here
  4. Sableye has 50 base speed; Granbull has 45 base speed; Assuming that Granbull doesn't invest on speed (wich most likely don't) Sableye goes first with 30IV speed; Granbull would need 31Speed IV and 36evs to hit 70 speed that is Sableye's 30IV 0 Ev Speed
  5. Simply run Physc Up or Trick him or even more simply Taunt.
  6. Sableye is a good option, as immune to Normal.. 252+ Atk Choice Band Granbull Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Sableye: 77-91 (49 - 57.9%) -- 62.1% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery 252+ Atk Choice Band Granbull Fire Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Sableye: 58-69 (36.9 - 43.9%) -- 100% chance to 3HKO after Leftovers recovery You can play with Knock Off (taking that choice band) and protect to do the extra leftovers recovery. It also has acess to Recover/Moonligth to regain health and or PainSplit to put that Granbull in bad hands. Endure + Pain Split with choice knocked + Recover is a no attack set but deals well with Granbull and has some utility versus other pokes... What are your thougths?
  7. Well I have a 4x31 Absol just sitting there like [25+/25+/31/31/31/31] I'm gonna risk it and make a mixed one... Any hidden power he would benifit or that set is close to his best?
  8. You reckon that would be the best UU Absol? I'm stilla bit lost on UU and NU but want to climb up on those tiers.. I want to make an absol to see if I can hold him well in battle What nature would he be better with this moveset?
  9. A 252 SpAttk Absol reaches 139 SpAttk, with Calm Mind that reaches up to 209. His SpDef would be 120 with CM. I'm new to UU but those stats seem good. My strategy would be to enter the battle against someone who is afraid of Absol and when it switches do a CM. Then see what I get.. I know it lacks STAB but I think it could surprise some So mixed absol?
  10. I want to try a Special Absol :o I will run him with Calm Mind and Life Ball so, if I can set up should be doing a good damage in UU.. Moves will be Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball or I could try Hidden Power Physic, what you think? And about the nature, should I go Modest or Timid? Why?
  11. And who goes first using a no priority move?
  12. So, whats the difference between lets say a Umbreon with 31IV in speed and an Umbreon with 30IV in speed. If both have 0 Evs in speed who goes first??
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