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  1. Weezing+Slaking wasn't used much despite new toy syndrome because people realized extremely quickly that it was too gimmicky. Most of the others on the list showed at least some form of potential on more archetypes so people explored them more before realizing that they're underwhelming. And just because a Pokemon is better in more scenarios, it doesn't mean that another pokemon is completely invalidated. Hitmontop is definitely better than Mienshao in most archetypes, but on more hyper offensive teams, Mienshao fits better. There's a difference between "Mienshao should be on the same tier as Hitmontop" and "Mienshao is definitely worse than Hitmontop, but it still has a solid enough role to be ranked in viability rankings", and the 2nd is what I'm arguing for.
  2. To add on the discussion about VGC viability rankings: -Doc's tour had teams built a week or 2 after the first batch of HAs (and Competitive/Neutralizing Gas) came out, so shiny toy syndrome was over represented. -Doc's tour also had evasion clause and sleep clause, which affected usage of some Pokemon which saw significantly more usage in PCL than that (Amoonguss being a big one). -Most of the players who played in Doc's tour don't even typically use Mienshao in regular doubles, so it's not surprising that it saw almost no usage in VGC, sash had very little to do with it. -You mention Mienshao not really being good because of competing for sash, but sash isn't even a very contested item, even in the viability rankings list. If you look at the full list, 6-7 pokemon at most (potential 6th being Pelipper which isn't on the list even), most of them either have little synergy with Mienshao, aren't that great, or both. 1) Whimsicott - Can easily run a bulky set with a berry (Occa or Coba) to free the sash 2) Venusaur - if you're running Mienshao sun, you're probably running a team so offensive that you can be fine with LO or a gem on either of the 2. They definitely clash for the sash, but it wouldn't be enough to stop you from running both if you really wanted to. 3) Chandelure - Chandelure often runs other items (Gem, Life Orb) so it doesn't necessarily cause a clash here. 4) Mamoswine - That one is definitely bad enough that you probably run Hitmontop instead 5) Raichu - Was a result of new toy syndrome. Definitely overrated, probably doesn't even want sash in its optimal team. 6) Excadrill - Excadrill can easily run another item, but Mienshao also probably prefers another item because of sand being annoying. Because the sample size is so small, there is a lot of bias towards some players's preferences, which doesn't reflect proper viability, especially when half of the data compiled, if not more, is based on a different ruleset than the one the viability rankings is based on.
  3. Defog to raise evasion in doubles isn't an issue at all, even if people use it (which they really don't) a shaky strat that can be shut down by clicking Follow Me is really not an issue worth discussing. I would get it if counterplay would be extremely niche, but when such a fundamental aspect of doubles like redirection completely shuts it down, having issues against it is really a skill issue.
  4. No today is when the first 10 can register early for 250k. The 20 is the auction for the last 2 spots.
  5. IGN: JeanMarcH Discord: Yes Fluff: Tryouts will be based on who can make the best Emerald boxes with this, I need some heat when I'll replay the games https://www.pokewiki.de/Spezial:Geheimcode-Generator?uselang=en Only pick me as manager if you don't have enough choices.
  6. IGN: JeanMarcH Country: Canada Tiers: Dubs Discord: JeanMarc#1252 Fluff:
  7. Thank you for asking the question we all had in mind.
  8. I remember seeing Drago talk about when he thought of starting this service, the passion is genuine. If I need some ribbons I'm definitely going through him!
  9. Team Name: Phoenix Team Tag: ENIX Registered Players: JeanMarcH NecasInTrouble Susume ItSora AvaRuta Tuuh Evxsion Xillion PixelBuggy BigProfit Siammese Crible Sargeste DaAlbert Team Captain: JeanMarcH
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