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  1. No you can, even without learning the move you can use the gems that change the type
  2. I'm too tired to argue with you one more time, congratulations you won this round.
  3. it doesn't matter that it has little use, it remains "broken" and very frustrating when it succeeds other than being anti-competitive, we have no reason to have that in our game.
  4. Yes so what? What does it change? What does it add to the conversation? People used meta teams and once it was stall, what about it? the meta changes ever and ever we get these spam from teams, that's not the point here. The point is that this was a horrible and unnecessary update, which nerfed the healing pps making normal stall a little unfeasible and etc, now what these players can resort to is the core regen, hyper and bulky offense players don't feel these changes, they don't feel their game getting worse, only the stall player and etc were forced to change their way of playing because of something that came in gen9 when the game goes up to gen 5, I'm not a stall player, nor a balanced player, I play in every way, at first I stupidly liked the update, but every day it's noticeable that it was something tragic to the metagame, not only OU but also UU and NU, unfortunately I think it's impossible to go back to what was before, and unfortunately we'll have to adapt to another shitty metagame, that every 5 games 4 are against offense, there is no more diversity. (maybe never had) Another thing that needs to be addressed is cursed body and this horrible accupressure thing.
  5. the symptoms of this unnecessary shitty update have been showing up every day. The worst possible decision.
  6. changes are considered "done" at what point? from this post? or can we consider using now for teambuilding? Like Jolteon UU (4,26% usage atm) Or toxicroak OU (4,36% usage atm) 🤡🤡 Nidoqueen and Rhyperior 4,25%- for example Should this be considered by us players or will only those in the post move?
  7. despite being written March in the topic, I still have the doubt... Excuse my stupidity, but will these changes be implemented at the end of this month or only at the end of March after the seasonals? Sorry 😣
  8. my jolteon is so close, so close to UU... would that be possible? 4,38% usage for now
  9. The aliens had to capture CaioXLive and take him away...
  10. I don't know why I come here, I'll be ignored anyway. But anyway This game needs more forms of PvP Gimmick, things like 1v1 PvP, Ubers (well in the future when we have legendaries) and etc. This game needs more PvP and PvE resources to survive, we don't want things like Lure or the pathetic and unnecessary nerf in healing pps, we want (I speak for myself) new, fun, Johto and HA were nice additions, but then what? There are so many good suggestions that I've seen here and I've already managed to create an mmo in my mind with them, because they'll probably just be ignored... 1v1 shouldn't be hard to do, and would be a really fun addition to the PvP game and even PvE players, thanks!
  11. quinn x شل shellاللاعب الفيتنامي الجميlll ل العظيم
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