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  1. Well if Doc did the mistake playing this game out was even more correct compared to just stopping it in this situation? But then again even if Doc made the mistake it's still a tricky situation because one person has more info as the other.
  2. Oof that'd be pretty serious impact even. Well I do get the point of playing the game itself out to have a "result" and to postpone the rest of the set till there is a host decision which is the approach Eric rightfully took.
  3. I mean what is there to discuss, moveset does not align with the submitted. Rules state: "In the event the accused cannot provide video, and cheating can be proved the accused is immediately banned from the tournament, all wins will be reversed and the cheat will be banned from future VGC seasonals." Sounds pretty clear to me. Also the fact that "he used it against TehKharma" does not make it better but rather worse. Only out is if @DoctorPBCactually fucked up and didn't update the info, in which case a rematch is still discussable. I don't think he just randomly changed one move while copy-pasting the mons tho, so seems pretty unlikely.
  4. IGN: CHUCKunso Tier: Untiered Discord: ChuckUnso#5884
  5. Spreads based on Lukes and mine input, so this is a legit calc. I have noticed "impossible" rolls before, didn't really bother reporting on them tho. I can 100% confirm they have been around for a while now.
  6. IGN: CHUCKunso Country: Germany Tiers: OU/UU/NU Discord: ChuckUnso#5884
  7. IGN: CHUCKunso Pref tier: idc, I suck in all most likely Discord: ChuckUnso#5884 Fluff: I need comps to play since I don’t have LCs and imagine me breeding some lul
  8. Team Name: Solemn Promise Team Tag: VOW Registered Players: OrangeManiac, Chuckunso, Senjutsuka, Ravael, Pottina, RexB, Forfiter, Draekyn, Zigh, EricTheGreat, Imabetheverybest, Abstractt, TheSosukeAizen, MiamiHeartz, Sargeste, Rynners, TohnR, JeanMarcH, AvaRuta, SweeTforU Team Captain: Draekyn
  9. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: VVVV Registered Players: Aerun, CHUCKunso, Zigh, Imabetheverybest, OrangeManiac, Ravael, Forfiter, TheSosukeAizen, Senjutsuka, Draekyn, EricTheGreat, Cali, StriderxD, Abstractt, Vincenteh, Rynners, Spaintakula, Parke, NataliaSad, Suneet Team Captain: OrangeManiac
  10. This is the problem in my opinion. He is a fucking manager not some 4yo that needs some grown up to make decision for him. Let the fucking manager of the team decide to forfeit their game and he will deal with this, no point in the host managing the manager lol
  11. Harder than I expected to fill this up. 1. k9 2. enchanteur 3. mkns 4. axellgor 5. mlhawk 6. sebat 7. heichicoda 8. luke
  12. IGN: CHUCKunso Time Zone (UTC format): UTC +1 Tiers: OU / NU / UU Fluff: Not the most active rn due to work but might still be good enough to shit on some nubs. Unlikely I will become a lot more active for PSL tho so don't count me in for each week if drafted.
  13. There are certainly things he is quick at, some would say too quick, he just wouldn't ever admit
  14. "Shiny Chansey is eating!" Someone didn't read the analysis. Just missplayed, we all know now - with math! Fact.
  15. IGN: CHUCKunso Preferred Tiers: idc, I have no idea about LC anyways and would need to work myself into either tier Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): nothing in LC Discord contact: ChuckUnso#5884 Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: just not gasai
  16. 3-0 in Lvl 50. 1-0 in the new Lvl 45 Meta. Come at me boys and girls!
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