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  1. Specifically ones from August 2012 or earlier. I miss you guys.
  2. Hey aren't you that one guy

  3. But I'm already doing tha- heeeeeeeey wait a minute were you referring to us?
  4. Lurking and checking in on this thread like 5x a day is too much work already
  5. With hoenn confirmed I wonder if we'll finally get those 2 frames of animation that Emerald has, and if so animated moemon pls
  6. Or even right click -> Block
  7. Pressing the hotkey just opens and closes the map, I'm talking about when the map is open, you have to press enter to flip between the pages (kanto, islands 1 2 3, islands 4 5, etc)
  8. That would also be an acceptable solution for me.
  9. This is actually something that has bothered me for a while, having to get up to press enter to fly back and forth around the sevii islands. Doesn't seem like it's asking too much either +1 support
  10. This sounds an awful lot like features the already confirmed mail system would have (At least to me anyway)
  11. I was going to suggest this, glad I searched first. Full support, it would make trading soooo much easier.
  12. I can has aero pls

  13. I don't have the screencap anymore, but someone once suggested that you get to choose to play as a pokemon or a trainer, and you could be on the team of other trainers. This is almost as bad.
  14. I think some of those (If not as bases) could be great inspiration for other Moemon Anyway keep up the great work :)
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