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  1. Bro can you reveal that 1 person that vote gladly for Docs team.
  2. I only need 9 players to win this psl Quality always!! Fukk i can't wait till its time for week 1!!!
  3. No second thoughts. That for noobs!!
  4. IGN: Kanzo Motivation: It's my time again.
  5. Wtf this shit was going on??? Where is the Netherlands....
  6. I have desu lab kyu hat goku ssj hair x4 How rich am I??
  7. Check discord someone refered the wall there.
  8. Its a fuking pokemon game Anyway can i still get in this??
  9. 5 mil primeapes to finals anyone??
  10. Bro wtf this pressure...... Why u put so much pressure on Heichis team?
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