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  1. Atleast they gave us some sort of update. I may not agree with everything, but its still progress. The only threads that should be deleted are the extremely low post count ones, and the duplicate ones. RIP OT Memories.
  2. When I first saw this thread I thought there was a finally a chance to actually communicate with the staff for once. But some people from both sides are hating for no reason. And it's sad. There should be no reason that mods immediately ignore/hate any post just because "Oh its OT, they are stupid shitposters". And there is no reason some OT members shouldn't listen to mods just because "Oh they are vampire mods, whatever they are saying is shit." That is not the makings of a conversation. It's extremely childish. Thats my input. I'm just gunna lurk until OT is back up, because obviously this is isn't a suggestion forum. Its devolved into repetition and unnecessary hate from both sides.
  3. I don't think you realize this but, OT is literally a place inhabited by people that don't give a shit what other people think about them. And that's not a bad thing. I doubt anyone here goes around and screams curse words at the top of their lungs in public. Its a perfectly normal practice to be able to curse in public, just don't be obnoxiously loud while doing so. And of course when there is a kid around you don't curse. But OT isn't a bunch of kids. And plus, unless your kid is in a blocked off room with no interaction with the outside world, chances are he/she has heard or seen curse words.
  4. I just want OT back ;_; no but for real, just give the job to someone in OT that will do the job right. Gilga,Deej,Fuck King, and maybe OS if he even wants it. Idgaf at this point. If given the position of authority, I guarantee they will handle it correctly. Just because we post some pretty stupid shit sometimes doesn't mean we can't be responsible and unbiased.
  5. I hope not. I know people are frustrated but there is no reason to handle it by being childish.
  6. i know its hard. but we need to document these sort of events for the future generations.
  7. draw ot people being removed from their homeland.
  8. I wasn't on for like two days and was expecting OT to be back up by then, but I guess not. I really hope they aren't actually completely changing OT. Once again, its the moderation that is the issue. We aren't that hard to please.
  9. this is it guys. this is the chance. we finally have the opportunity to bring it back. POYT. In all seriousness, I don't see what has to be changed beside moderation in OT. We are a kinda small group of people that dwell in OT and for the most part enjoy each other. Jokes are jokes and chances are the person receiving the joke is going to take it well. And if they don't thats when you can step in and moderate. Its that simple. I know it seems like OT is a little harsh but in all honesty, we are pretty accepting. Just like OS said you can moderate on the necessary stuff obviously breaking the rules but, let that little small group of the forums communicate in the way this part of the forums was made for. OFF TOPIC. You may as well rename it to "Off topic but you have to be on topic at all times". Let us have our fun. We for the most part all know each other. Unlike the other parts of the forums where people come and go, OT are the longest lasting people on the forums. Just let us be us in our own domain. We aren't hurting anyone. No but for real, POYT pls.
  10. Hey Gracene. I like the notebook, and I have a uuguing ferrari. Pls date me.
  11. I only see quality poetry. This stuff is equivalent to Edgar Allen Poe shit.
  12. Fuck you lost keys Carpet full of fleas Guy cutting down trees Phone book full of Lees Fountain guy who pees Woman on subway who doesn't cover her sneeze Fuck you itchy ear lobe Angry homophobe Alien anal probe Clergy in robe Connection light strobe Rancid daube Government taking over the globe Fuck you land fill Dim lights, electric bill Puppy mill Dusty window sill People I'd like to kill Power of will List of shit to do still Pickle and dill Bacterium that makes me ill Dick stiffening pill Short counter till Dry ink well with no quill Fuck you artificial flavoring Lack of savoring Every day laboring Shitty first day of spring Swelling bee sting Monkey shit fling Big ass engagement ring Girl who thinks she can sing Fat and happy king Like a bird with broken wing Judgemental little thing How much does a day bring? Broke tooth comb Prying government drone Everywhere I roam People living in a glass dome Shielded from reality by steal and chrome Praising a destructive tome Ostracized ...alone Fuck you alone Fuck you drone Fuck your tome Fuck you go home Fuck you, just like fuck this poem
  13. Text:HerpDerpBox Pokemon: Sharpedo. Background: something intimidating Animated: hell yea.
  14. whatever you do, stay away from that cesspool of a team named MISC. True phaggots.
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