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  1. Dubs: Kepzal (Colombia) vs YJos (Rest of Latam) in 20 min
  2. InuYashaL vs Pablobacas right now Seems like they forgot to post
  3. Philippines SiniGang | Rest of Latam BossJakePH vs Haazuu EDIT1: We having a remake in 1h, maybe Jake's internet improve EDIT2: Jake doesnt want to play so I guess Im going to take the win
  4. Philippines SiniGang vs Rest of Latam OU1: kuzeee vs Waaynee After Moi vs CristianArce
  5. IGN: Haazuu* Country: Nicaragua Preferred Tiers: NU Discord Tag: Jaazuu#0410
  6. Team Name: Blacked Captain: Frags Players: StokesAG, Haazuu, enchanteur, Frags, Endirei, pablobacas, Mihawk, Lactosoid, Snow0t, Mendez Subs: Zyzd, phylla
  7. Hey sir, your registration is wrong You have to pick 10 main players, 2 Subs and 5 Cheerleaders
  8. Credits to Teaar The Last Tournament We opened The Lab one year ago and now we have almost 700 people in waiting for every single event that Assistant and Councils Host. ProfesorEinstein is invoking the strongest fighters from the PokeMMO World, This will be a Highly Important Tournament ever made by The Lab. This is The Official Tournament of Power. The time to end this history has come. Details Tag Team 10vs10 OU+OU+UU+UU+NU+NU+LC+LC+DUBS+DUBS +2 Subs In case some had to go. Up to 5 Cheerleaders (The 5 None PvP players get to relax and hope for their Team to Win) All rounds 2 battles each, 20 Games Total and each battle switch opponent of same tier, you dont fight the same opponent. (First team that reach 11 points win the round) Finals: Only Captains battle and Bo5. Tier OU In case of Tie, Tiebreakers will be OU and only the Captain can play. Date & Time Sunday, 20th December 2020 1PM EDT Time Zone Converter < Check your time zone here Location Mistralton Airport Ch 4 - Unova Finals on Battle Frontier Pyramid Ch 4 - Hoenn Registration Sign up are open now! If you are looking for teammates you can join our discord. Rules: -Entry must include all information below. -Don't Edit your post 1h before the tournament begins. -Make sure to post your sign up at least 2h before the event. Team Name: Captain: Players: Subs: Cheerleaders: 1st Place Prize 610M Captain: 60M (Each Players) PVP Players: 50M Subs: 25M Cheerleaders: 10M Hosts: Cali + The Lab Staff
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