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  1. I hope part 3 comes out soon or otherwise I will get bored and quit the game for a while and when it does come out I would not feel like playing the game for a while since I would quit so I hope it won't get delayed too long....
  2. Congrats dude its a thing not everyone has done or try to do great job well done
  3. very fashionable it will be indeed I think most items should be like this too so you can put more things on your character at once
  4. pfp doodle Character: Daroach from Kirby series Facial Expression: just make him like this nothing else, also how does this work do I pay you first? if so what's your ign?
  5. hello is the shop still open? if so is there a way to contact you?
  6. Unova cus its my fav region and I get to have solrock by my side
  7. as a ditto farmer I could say this is a good thing to ditto farmers since its not always 100% on the catch with repeat balls or duckballs and with this it will make life easy
  8. there are some mods for a pokemon encounter counter
  9. I do like how you can get easier shiny chances from catch combos but the thing is its not like lets go where you can catch pokemon without weakening them, yes some pokemon have to get weakened to be caught otherwise it is very hard to catch and some just get in a regular pokeball very easily like the low level pokemon for example Rattata and pidgey from route 1 in Kanto they can be caught in pokeballs all the time, another thing why its a really pain in the butt is bc you will have to release the pokemon from boxes, its really a pain to do that since you know its a thing that someones has to do cus I know some people are lazy and don't really want to remove pokemon from their boxes but anyways good idea but since this is not like the lets go game its going to be much harder
  10. holy moly this means its a easy shiny flex for some people I love it ?
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