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  1. I can understand that one person can boost the team once and that's fair, but if you get like 60 people in the team buffing the rate for all the others... I dunno, just doesn't sound right. What I do agree with, is finding a way to help us find the legends more reliably, not having to pray to RNG. I spent 27 days (!!) for Suicune hunt last month, I would really love to see any way to get this thing less luck reliant. I don't completely discard the whole idea, I just believe it's too abusable in it's currently presented form (and I'm not smart enough to present a refined way myself, fairly sure there are more competent people for that).
  2. Imo that's a really bad idea as this can be super easily abusable. Me and my 5 other pals kill the legendoggo to boost the rate for 145 other people in the team? I do like the concept of team buffs overall, but surely not in that way.
  3. It isn't, once you will complete the region, one instance will show as Ho-oh, and once you will complete Pokedex, another will show as Red. All good my brother, no need to worry
  4. I did that and after 27 days of doing that I found Suicune, best advice
  5. Bro we literally just ended an event where we got spammed with them from bags and after Zoruas, believe me, 318 is a rookie number
  6. tbh if it would end up being untradeable and given once a month (?) it might be pretty cool
  7. I just fought it, took me maybe 10 minutes and it was fairly easy, imo due to it's difficulty, the rewards seem adequate although I agree that lures are a scam (I'd rather boost the lures themselves rather than try re-working ho-oh fight). Getting to the top of the tower is a different story, I swear climbing that shit is starting to give me ptsd
  8. I believe there's a reason why this is not being discussed, and my opinion is that people simply gave up. No matter what we discuss, what we disagree with, we end up with changes that we ultimately do not want or never asked for. To put it short- we are wasting our time, trying to argument against a decision which strikes us anyway. And ofc then we have caio but that's a totally different can of worms...
  9. Title. I think it would be a pretty cool thing. Instead of seeing this: We should see x5, x7 or something like that, for multiple vanities we got.
  10. After almost 11 years in this game I have a ridiculous amount of good memories. Winning tons of tournaments while in Aura, nerding with @YettoDie day and night... From newer memories, I would surely highlight the thing I desired for stupidly long time- PSL win. If not for a great manager and an amazing team consisting of some of the nicest, friendliest and at the same time some of the best competitive players in the game, this wouldn't be possible. Another thing I will surely remember for a looong time, is when I beat Kanto storyline with 6 random Pidgeys. It feels like a really cool achievment, considering that PokeMMO is a bit more difficult storyline-wise than vanilla games. From the past, I will never forget playing in a tag tour with @NikhilR. We were really on the very top of the game back then, won the tour and I treasure those memories despite the fact that it happened over 8 years ago. Overall I have so many nice memories, it's tough to list them all... 😞
  11. We don't really have much info, Devs are being secretive as always. All we know that there is an upcoming "big feature" and that's about it
  12. RysPicz


    bro his post is from 3 years ago and he was also last seen 3 years ago
  13. I've seen necromancers digging up threads from 5-6 years back
  14. accumulated over 11 years (it's gonna hit in 9 days) and tons of AFK while you could stay AFK without being logged off, but still. I'm a nerd
  15. 5700? those are rookie numbers
  16. -Fair shiny rate -New alpha starters -New hidden abilities -Raid battles -Caiox banned from competition alley
  17. So I asked around friends, checked GTL. Rough estimate from several friends I asked is around 6-8m. There are two shiny Kecleons on GTL currently, one for 9.5 (3 days on GTL) and one for 9m (1 day on GTL). Kecleon is not exactly a desired shiny despite being fairly rare, as it is not very relevant competitively and it's shiny sprite has abysmal difference compared to it's regular sprite. Considering that my man @Shadow guessed his estimate as 10m, he wasn't far away from it's actual value. Now go to sleep and leave my man alone, he's a genuine person who had no bad intentions and only wanted to help. And no, I am not a 10 year old boy, but I will defend my friend, especially when he is right. Go to 4chan/b/ if you want to flame someone and fucc off from my man.
  18. Gothitelle has no Shadow Tag in PokeMMO and Shadow Tag itself is badly nerfed.
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