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  1. I honestly (personally) couldn't give a hot shit about this vanity, everyone knows Aura was the best team during at least one year, even despite the fact that we are dead for at least 4-5 years, we are still one of the top teams to ever greet this game. I do not need a vanity to go back with my memories to the team tours we won back in the old days. Sure it would be cool, but I don't need it. I would rather write new history with my new team and just remind myself about how great was our team with a tear in my eye. It would be a cool form of acknowledging us, our team and what we have brought to this game etc, but I personally don't need it. @YettoDie speak Nerd pls what you think about it, you were leading that team with me for years, we could use your input since we are also topic of discussion
  2. Acc sharing is nowhere in the CoC. It used to be there years ago, but not anymore. If I remember correctly it's advised not to, but not disallowed. If he got banned, I really doubt it's for acc sharing although I agree that he deserves to get another review and I hope it'll bring positive results this time 🙂
  3. I didn't even order anything yet and the man already had the mon prepared for me, what the fuck
  4. I just completely annihilated unova storyline and e4 using just mons which I can catch in that region: Emboar (Brick Break, Flamethrower, Strength, Head Smash) Darmanitan (Flare Blitz, Headbutt, Fire Punch, Superpower) Simipour (Crunch, Scald, Acrobatics, Surf) Krookodile (Cut, EQ, Crunch, Dig) Archeops (Rock Slide, U-turn, Dragon Claw, Acrobatics) 6th was just a hm slave (and for e4, Sturdy Graveler with Stealth Rock). For storyline purposes, Archeops is amazing
  5. Title. Cool QOL thing, which would help us see what's the exact power of the move we are using. Instead of showing "Varies" or "40-120" (heat crash move), let us see exact base power in battle.
  6. Super fast and reliable breeding services, I'd say probably same tier as Hannah. Also I got an alpha Squirtle for you with the Kanto friends particle (and menacing spirit as well). We will talk in-game 😉
  7. Gyarados is a great Pokémon for Kanto storyline. If the Hitmonchan you have received from the fighting dojo has Iron Fist, it will be an amazing addition to your team as well.
  8. You can get one per storyline by filling caught OT Pokédex and then talking to one of the assistants in the respective region's professors labs E: What kind of ability patch you will get depends on your starter selection
  9. A miracle has happened, long story short: went to sky pillar, forgot to take any damp/ utility mons. This happened: All the other Claydols killed themselves. Shiny one used 3 hyper beams (XD) and 2 earth powers. Decided I won't be taking any risks, used my first master ball in 10 years. WORTH IT SHINY RATE IS FAIR
  10. It is a valid argument. If one Pokémon can singlehandedly disable an entire playstyle (stall, in this situation) then it should go away. Do not compare Craw and Darmanitan to Gallade. They got worse typing and worse coverage. If Dugtrio comes into Gallade to revenge-kill, then it means only one thing- Gallade has killed something. And that means, it has done its job. After reading the posts and specing quite a few of battles I'm leaning more towards Gallade's ban (or nerf). I believe it's exactly as Frags said, offense / hyper offense got enough tools against it, but balance and stall are getting torn apart by it. Sure, stall is not exactly viable in OU nowdays, but completely invalidating it just by slapping one mon into your party does not sound like a healthy metagame at all. On the other hand, Johto is just around the corner and we do not know what it will bring with it, but Im still not convinced that any changes could make Gallade less oppressing than it is right now.
  11. You're doing this wrong, if you want a Dev reply you have to do it that way @Rache You're a nerd
  12. If we would be getting Johto, we'd first get a PTS most likely, which would be announced.
  13. I think this is actually a very fair point currently. Instead of having a meaningful discussion with people who know what they are talking about, we are ending up educating people about basics of competitive tiering definitions (and they still do not even want to comprehend those definitions), who are constantly derailing the discussion itself. I would love to see someone with credibility ( @DoubleJ? you got time fam?) making a longer post about Gallade's strengths, weak points, potential sets, damage calcs for potential switch-ins, impact on metagame and so forth and so forth. I know it's still early because it's only been a week, but I kinda feel like we are lacking one big post which we can address.
  14. I don't know if there is any other player in this game for whom I'm rooting as much as I wish you will get your desired shiny. You deserve it
  15. I honestly dunno if it's too op because we didn't even have a proper testing period and I myself can't play/ spec as I'm busy with work, I can just understand why people want it gone. It doesn't need to boost itself with SD or bulkup to be threatening, doesn't need any specific battle conditions, it resists rocks and has amazing coverage. I dunno if we have a Pokémon in OU which can be comparable to Gallade- Breloom needs CB to be threatening, Darmanitan is weak to rocks and its main STAB has recoil... Gallade switches in thanks to uturn or volt switch (or predict) and it's instantly a huge threat. Even if you pick the correct wall for its first move, it's second move can be fatal. All this is just a theory from my side though, like I mentioned I'm really busy with work this week and didn't have any time to spec or play. Hoping I'll catch up after weekend
  16. I would just like to mention one thing, Gallade has no counters. By definition, "counter" is a pokemon which in standard battle conditions can always switch into a pokemon and comfortably force it out. Gallade does not have such mons in OU- due to it's sheer power and great coverage, it's capable of 2hkoing pretty much every pokemon in the game with the right move, regardless how it's evtrained or what is it's nature. So mentioning that I can counter Gallade with Scizor's Bullet Punch (????) or by laying hazards or by running a pokemon with focus sash isn't really giving any specific pokemon which can comfortably switch in every time and force Gallade out. Sure, I can deal with it using offensive mons which are faster and got enough power to KO it, but if an offensive mon is switching into Gallade, it's either because you made the right predict or because Gallade has killed something and thus, done it's job. I would probably see the set Psycho Cut/ Sacred Sword/ Night Slash/ Ice Punch with Life Orb as held item and Jolly nature as being most threatening for wallbreaking in OU, this is a set which can disable entire stall playstyle, as much as I don't like it.
  17. Maybe there would be a possibility of giving players the option to chose the PC interface between the current one and the "classic"?
  18. Please. I was there when it was implemented
  19. I do know what they got and I even know what ex staff members got, but what good would that knowledge do for you or anyone else? They are untradable and pretty much one of a kind (at least most of them)
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