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  1. It's not evolved. It only changes form via different appliances in the Old Chateau afaik.
  2. Added: Torterra - CONFIRMED Prinplup - CONFIRMED Empoleon - CONFIRMED
  3. I'm sure Jonulo encounters more pokemon in his 2 accounts than many of us combined.
  4. Added : Nidorina - CONFIRMED Wigglytuff - CONFIRMED Paras - CONFIRMED Persian - CONFIRMED Alakazam - CONFIRMED Machoke - CONFIRMED Cloyster - CONFIRMED Kingler - CONFIRMED Jumpluff - CONFIRMED Sunflora - CONFIRMED Wooper - CONFIRMED Snubbull - CONFIRMED Mightyena - CONFIRMED Swellow - CONFIRMED Wailord - CONFIRMED Dusclops - CONFIRMED Turtwig - CONFIRMED @Terresa Staravia - CONFIRMED Vespiquen - CONFIRMED Shellos (M) - CONFIRMED Drifloon - CONFIRMED Bronzor - CONFIRMED Gible - CONFIRMED Gabite - CONFIRMED Garchomp - CONFIRMED Lumineon - CONFIRMED Abomasnow - CONFIRMED Weavile - CONFIRMED Lickilicky - CONFIRMED Purrloin - CONFIRMED Panpour - CONFIRMED Unfezant (M) - CONFIRMED Unfezant (F) - CONFIRMED Zebstrika - CONFIRMED Timburr - CONFIRMED Sawk - CONFIRMED Leavanny - CONFIRMED Sandile - CONFIRMED Krookodile - CONFIRMED Darmanitan - CONFIRMED Scrafty - CONFIRMED Gothorita - CONFIRMED Gothitelle - CONFIRMED Vanilluxe - CONFIRMED Escavalier - CONFIRMED Frillish (F) - CONFIRMED Ferrothorn - CONFIRMED Klang - CONFIRMED Klinklang - CONFIRMED Beheeyem - CONFIRMED Beartic - CONFIRMED ~ *phew* ~
  5. Let's add the remaining ones. Will add missing ones later from GTL if no one posts them here before me..
  6. Brace yourself, Added : Togekiss - CONFIRMED Anorith - CONFIRMED Maractus - CONFIRMED Shedinja - CONFIRMED Servine - CONFIRMED Serperior - CONFIRMED Oshawott - CONFIRMED Samurott - CONFIRMED Chikorita - CONFIRMED Bayleef - CONFIRMED Meganium - CONFIRMED Happiny - CONFIRMED Zorua - CONFIRMED Zoroark - CONFIRMED Tangrowth - CONFIRMED Lilligant - CONFIRMED Alomomola - CONFIRMED Sewaddle - CONFIRMED Cradily - CONFIRMED Armaldo - CONFIRMED Sudowoodo - CONFIRMED Banette - CONFIRMED Oddish - CONFIRMED Feebas - CONFIRMED Weepinbell - CONFIRMED Kabutops - CONFIRMED Audino - CONFIRMED Walrein - CONFIRMED Pachirisu - CONFIRMED Snover - CONFIRMED Buneary - CONFIRMED Lopunny - CONFIRMED Stunky - CONFIRMED Gastrodon - CONFIRMED Floatzel - CONFIRMED Spiritomb - CONFIRMED Croagunk - CONFIRMED Shinx - CONFIRMED Luxio - CONFIRMED Luxray - CONFIRMED Budew - CONFIRMED Electabuzz - CONFIRMED Rotom - CONFIRMED
  7. Those who have experienced it would know that walking through thick snow in Sinnoh is ridiculously slow and irritating. As the title suggests, adding an item like a Ski or Snow-bike would be a great relief for those travelling through snow. It could be an RP item, restricted to those who've beaten Elite 4, if you want to keep the storyline experience close to the real game for newbies.
  8. Got notified that it's a fake shiny. @Bearminator please remove this comment if so
  9. Can anyone summarise what to do ? Is there no way to do it other than deleting the old files because then all the settings and bookmarks and language tabs have to be set again..
  10. As we all know, Global Trade Link is the hub for selling a lot of Pokemon by players throughout the game. As most of us have used it almost regularly, one must have noticed that it covers a significant space on the screen. Almost half of the screen is covered just by the GTL window. Many of us use the GTL for sniping Pokemon or Items that are listed for very cheap. This requires constant refreshing of the GTL while doing your regular business. This proves to be really annoying when browsing through GTL while battling, because the Window blocks a large part of the battle screen Maybe if we could adjust the size of the window by dragging it from one of the corners, (just like we adjust the size of any window on our PC) it would be much more convenient to use.
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