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  1. In the PokeMMO Official Tier List and Usage Statistics (6th February - 7th March) thread, Sharpedo is listed in the Under-Used Official Tier List but is under the Usage Statistics for the Never-Used Tier. Can someone please clarify which tier Sharpedo is in for an inexperienced player? Thanks! Sharpedo in UU Tier List: Sharpedo in NU Usage:
  2. IGN: Pastels An homage to the greatest musical of the decade. (La La Land) I'm kinda new to art, sorry it's a little sloppy!
  3. I actually didn't mind the story much but I can see what you're saying, and I especially agree with you in terms of the repetitive gameplay as that was one of the main reasons I stopped playing.
  4. I didn't see a Middle-earth / Lord of the Rings thread open and new Shadow of War gameplay is out so I thought it'd be cool to see if anyone else was hyped. I really liked the Middle-Earth books and movies (even The Hobbit ones!) so I think it's cool to see some new content from that universe. I only played like half of Shadow of Mordor, but I may just have to buy Shadow of War to see if it's as cool as it looks. Personally, my favorite character was always Legolas but I mean who isn't a sucker for seeing Aragorn being a boss. Thoughts?
  5. Are we allowed to draw things with inspiration from something such as pop culture or is this considered not "100% original"?
  6. YIKES! Totally did not see that! I'm so sorry!! Please close this topic.
  7. any other big brother fans out here? it's an addicting show and i'd like to discuss also spoiler alert because it's literally a show about people getting evicted from a house and the last person in the house wins, and 5 people have already been eliminated so... if you watch you can reply with who you think will win and why or who you want to win and why. there is a forum over this, my bad!!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm Max, my IGN is Pastels and I've had a PokeMMO account since 9-15-13, but I've been relatively inactive for most of that time. Recently, I've decided to try and get active again due to my interest in Pokemon coming back! In order to get back into the swing of things I've been looking for a group who will support my inept community intelligence and help teach me how things roll in PokeMMO nowadays. I have a general understanding of competitive battling and own some (garbage) trained competitive Pokemon. With my return I plan on leaning towards the NU and UU tiers as they just seem the most fun to me, hopefully I'll get back into battling quickly. In terms of things about me... From: Texas, USA Favorite Pokemon: Whismur Favorite Generation: III (3) Hours Played: 577 Favorite Movie: Gone Girl Favorite Color(s): Purple / Pink Thanks for reading!
  9. What's happening to PokeDaily?
  10. Any will do, also a side note do you mind changing the name in it to "BalloonPastels (ØBEY)" sorry I had a name change.
  11. Pokemon: Whismur and Wigglytuff Colours: Pink (Spotlight/Runway Lights down the sides) Dark Black (Around the stage part to make the Stage really pop.) Background: Modeling Runway Text Animation: Yes, please. Text: Pastelo (ØBEY) Anything else: For specifics: I want the Wigglytuff and Whismur next to each other and I want them to be at the very end of the Runway in the spotlight. Thank you for dealing with my high maintenance. I will be paying 15k as opposed to 10k for my ridiculous offer. (If allowed.)
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