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  1. can you also highlight the lowest credit match, or am i asking too much?
  2. IGN: Elcoolio Time Zone (UTC format): UTC+12? Tiers: LC Fluff: arca bad lc
  3. how is thinknice not banned for scamming the PSL3 prize money?
  4. Just not sure how this thread even has to exist is the thing but alas I've got time on my hands. Kings Rock is a luck based strategy where the aim is to take autonomy away from your opponent by simply not allowing them to make a move. It is literally the definition of uncompetitive. How is this different to regular RNG? Its intent. The only reason to run kings rock is to remove autonomy from your opponent, it is the single and only goal. Irrespective of what Pokémon is holding kings rock and what attacking move they are using it is uncompetitive. It doesn't matter if there are counters or checks because regardless it is uncompetitive. There is no reason for it to be playable, it adds nothing to the metagame and only serves to make it worse, if you don't want to ban it then remove the flinch chance. Nothing I've said here is "my opinion", it is all simply factual.
  5. kinda seems dumb to have lc as an option for managers choice but not have it as a standard tier each week and also vice versa. also gib gen8 lc so i can play, its more balanced than mmo lc i swear and there is matchmaking, i swear this is an unbias opinion
  6. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8lc-1434476552 @calidubstep
  7. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8lc-1427588082
  8. "it doesnt make sense to prioritize one over the other" then why are you suggesting to prioritize your one? And yeah under the current number of mons rule if u dont attack your opponent your not taking the advantage but if you attack you are, which encourages players to attack each other. Dont get me wrong the ideal solution is to let the battle just play out, and so anything other than that is imperfect. At the current time limit, regardless of how the winner is decided, there will always be a way to game the system. Its not so much the method of how the winner is decided but the time limit rule itself, your opponent would have always dragged it out to 60mins because thats his best chance of winning.
  9. I don't see how average hp is any less arbitrary is the the thing. Just because your doing a bit of math doesn't make picking a winner more accurate. Number of pokemon at least encourages players to attack to try and get the advantage as appose to average hp which encourages healing and further stall. And sure in your situation where your opponent already had the advantage he can just park the bus, but really thats already the point of stall anyway so nothing really changes.
  10. This seems like a bit of a yarn. You can't really pick out the corner piece of a team and say "if this pokemon wasn't there this team would be terrible", because the team is built around that pokemon existing, if P2 wasn't there the team would be different. Not to say it might not be centralizing etc.
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