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  1. How could a Soothe Bell do that when they only way to level them against hordes (or in any way quickly) is by having them hold Exp Share, esp from Lv 1 ? Also I don't know if this was true back when this thread was made, but at least now you can change the Pokemon's ball any time, so putting them in a Luxury ball and then levelling is highly effective.
  2. There's a typo, Dunspace x5 is listed as "10HP", it's only +1 so should be "5 HP". Thanks for everything!!
  3. Did this ever go anywhere? I feel very sorry for OP who was totally correct, but the total nonsense by the opposition did become amusing (absurd arguments). Kyu's response is decent, but I'm sure some would be curious about the future of smoke ball. I think encounter-affecting mechanics are mostly unused because they are overlooked too much. 100% flee with Smoke Ball doesn't seem at all unbalancing since it's only useful for slow early Pokemon, as OP said. And you can achieve the same thing by putting a fast/higher Pokemon first any time, so all it does it allow more variety in play style. Honestly, OP's logic in this thread is flawless and would contribute to the depth of the game. There are way too many essentially useless items anyway, it's tidy and pleasant to fix these for game world.
  4. It looks like this is still in progress (particularly Sinnoh). Here is a re-parsed text version of all Pokemon by location (in PokeMMO), using all the data from the Forum Dex post. ( Text link at end.) Perhaps this will be helpful in completing your guide or checking entries. https://pastebin.com/6FYwm3L6
  5. But let's be honest, none of these pokemon are actually rare. They can be bought en masse on GTL any time for cheap. And if you're doing decent enough in matchmaking to get these mediocre 2x31 gift pokemon, you surely already have enough already and can breed one any time for a bit of cash. If you could breed them they would at least have some use, I'd love to know what % of gift pokemon ever actually get used (where the receiver didn't even get to choose the species).
  6. I just did the client update around 11pm EDT 2021-12-14. (Windows 7 x64) PokeMMO.exe won't run anymore, says it needs JRE (Java) 11, opens up some random Java webpage instead. I was curious and looked in the PokeMMO folder. "jre" has only bin/ and lib/, both touched 12-14, but all the contents of those folders are still from June 2021. There is a "newjre" folder from 12-14 with more folders and files, and all contents are from 12-14. I renamed "jre" to "jre.orig" and made a copy of "newjre" as "jre" (why not eh?). Now PokeMMO.exe runs as normal again. (Can't test login, server still down for maintenance.) I'm posting because I didn't see anything about this yet in the forums.
  7. I do not have any themes. I do have the 3d sprites mod, the gen5 followers mod, and the Pokemon Home icons mod. I will try client repair and monitor if it happens again (it's only been 2 out of 40 pvp battles so far). Just 2/40 pvp battles so far. In the screenshots, I do not have any of those pokemon in my current team, although that does seem like a good guess. I've never had any connection issues. I've had the other player time out his turn and lose about 4 times, I suspect they ran into this issue. Is the workaround suggestion to X the client and reconnect? I can try that if and when it happens too.
  8. Is this bug already being worked on or do I need to report it? This has happened to me twice in PVP Randoms, I don't know if it happens anywhere else. When your first Pokemon faints, it doesn't let you select a new one to bring out. It looks like the party position of the one that just fainted is maybe off, because that one with no HP is normal grey, but one with full health is slashed out as if fainted. The only thing you can do is click on your remaining pokemon one at a time, and each time you do it slashes their box out as if fainted (with full health). After you've clicked all remaining 5 pokemon, the party selector disappears, and all you have is the (pvp) Ready button. When you click the Ready button, it then says "Waiting for other player to confirm their team" and there's nothing more you can do or click. Then your turn timer runs out, and the other player wins. One thing I did not try yet, is clicking READY without clicking any Pokemon, maybe by the time I click READY it has marked all my pokemon as fainted. I got sequential screenshots the second time this happened:
  9. Ok, so I just cannot believe that ~70% of Nuggets on GTL are being inexplicably sold at a loss for < $5k. There has to be an error somewhere. And for frequent GTL users it's obvious many of these Yellow item prices are well within the normal, mass, daily sales. At first buyers will be confused, but eventually they will ignore the colour because they'll never see those items for less.
  10. I apologize in advance for being skeptical, but.... I don't think this can be true, EXCEPT I notice maybe your wording is careful? I think we all assumed this was referring to GTL prices, but when you say "actually trades for" are you including sales to and from NPC shop? If that is the case then I believe your algorithm. But then the GTL colours are misleading because they are including transactions off GTL, which may not be comparable for NPC effort and availability. Ex. most nuggets are just sold to NPC for $5k, but that's a one way transaction. Nugget prices on GTL over $5k are Yellow, but that is actually the very normal price if you want to buy from a player and in fact the only way to get it. (Rarely someone would mistakenly put a nugget on GTL for $5k or less, that cannot be the GTL average). A nugget for under $6k on GTL is actually a very good price, if for some reason you want one. Having that priced Yellow is completely misleading. A nugget on GTL for $5100 would be selling at a loss, yet that price is still Yellow. There are many other items I can see that have almost identical issues one way or another. So either your algorithm includes NPC sales, or it's not using real completed GTL prices (maybe there is a bug?). The only other possibility is that you tell us that a supermajority of Nuggets (and MANY other items) are constantly being sold on GTL at a significant loss. Which I think would be inexplicable, that would be an insane number of newbs who have nuggets/etc to sell for cash AND don't sell them to NPC's that they already know about AND manage to figure out GTL enough to post them for sale AND price them less than their labelled value AND for less than any other nuggets visible on GTL.
  11. That happened to me with hotkey bindings, I had to go in settings and configure the controls again.
  12. I think most people are confused by the colours at first, it seems like it should be something important. But eventually everyone will learn to ignore the colours, because they do not make sense. It honestly seems like the devs just manually went thru every single item and set a price they prefer, and it doesn't match up to any other real numbers. It's definitely not averages, it's not current prices, it's not NPC prices, it's not what people are happy to pay, so that's all I can assume. Some items can be the standard price that everyone buys all day (and has never been less), and 100% all prices are Yellow. Some items are half the price the NPC shop sells for, and it's Red. They're all over the place. If it was something like rolling historical averages, I think that would not be a terrible idea (although maybe +/- % would be much more useful than colours). But this is definitely just trying to manipulate and set prices, I guess they want to manage the economy a certain way.
  13. Just fyi for anyone else out there. On Windows 7 x64, after the update my Hotkeys were completely cleared, I had to manually re-add them as F1-F9 in Settings. I didn't even know you could change them before this haha, Support helped me.
  14. I know BP are a pvp reward, but I've seen people talking about MP / Match Points / Matchmaking Points and I have not noticed those in-game? Searching forum I didn't find a definition.
  15. Lol I just lost 120k on Android again from this issue. Perhaps it isn't intentionally sadistic, I haven't seen the Android client on other devices so maybe the devs don't know how the interface looks on some? I do want to say that they've done an amazing job on all the cross-platform clients and it all works beautifully, as a programmer myself I am extremely impressed. So on my 2000x1000px android phone, not only is the GTL Sell dialog tiny, but the box to input price is actually smaller than the Sell button, and it about half a centimeter above it. In between is the Fee box, which is also smaller than the Sell button. Maybe on different Android devices this layout comes out differently? I know it can be difficult to design interfaces that look right in every display system. But on my device it's ridiculously hazardous, very easy to accidentally brush Sell while trying to set the price. Why does it even have a $100 default? Leave the price blank, so it can't be sold until the user sets a price (will prevent most mistakes and snipe griefing, not all). And please add confirmation dialog, that would prevent close to 100% of mistakes and snipe griefing (and further complaints). I'm not expecting interface to be fixed for every possible device, I really appreciate all of the hard dev work so far. See screenshot, it only just occurred to me that maybe this wasn't intentional.... (the tiny layout; now the lack of confirmation I still question... ) Keep in mind this is a touchscreen, my thumbprint is bigger than the price/fee/sell button all together.
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