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  1. Team Tag + Name: [LØRÐ] TheLordsOfTheHax Registered Players: Sebat SnowOT CipherKS EpicVerde MercexO Starkallen Aisker Isperea HearthLifeOT RevenanZ Luxeher SoumaYukihira MEGOKI Varozzam Fixxe Team Captain: Sebat
  2. I only warn you that your bets can be taken badly in "suspicious duels" since you have access to all, but dont worry even if it were so I trust so much in my players to beat that handicap. For this reason I take your bets.
  3. Take these I don't know if it's fair that a person who has access to all discords servers bets but I trust on the skill of my players
  4. Faster, cheaper and your best friend to complete your dex list :) very grateful!
  5. So many changes just confirm that % cutoff should increases. Toxicroak - 6.01% usage in OU Seismitoad - 5.76% usage in OU Like Ludicolo, Wobbuffet and others, prebuilt teams is always a thing and these are the rain of this season. Ditto - 4.23% usage in OU Jolteon - 3.69% Usage in OU Milotic - 3.75% Usage in OU Salamence - 4.08% Usage in OU Jolteon and Milotic in their tier, Salamence is an uber offensive already discussed with P2 probably banned this month. Cloyster - 3.58% Usage in UU Gastrodon - 3.90% Usage in UU Nidoqueen - 3.70% Usage in UU Tentacruel - 3.63% Usage in UU Vaporeon - 2.89% Usage in UU Zoroark - 4.02% Usage in UU Gastrodon and Tentacruel are options to the tier, not brokens but Cloyster without Poliwrath looks very strong, mostly ChoiceBand/Scarf option like Azumarill, Zoroark is fast and with access to NastyPlot was always a threat imo, idk at all about it, and Vaporeon probably the most uber defensive to the tier and will increase the stall teams 200% for me it shouldn't be nu. I would prefer only do sane changes and not test since we will have Johto in 2-3 months and there will be important changes with everything they implement.
  6. Congratulations 💝 Part 1 Team Name: Lady and the Bat Players: Chopyta Sebat (or giantpipe as alt) Part 2 Team Name: Lady and the Bat Players: Chopyta Sebat
  7. Team Tag + Name: LØRÐ TheLordsOfTheHax Registered Players: Sebat EpicVerde SnowOT Aisker CipherKS Chopyta Starkallen ChilyOCB SoumaYukihira Varozzam Luxeher Vyxy Team Captain: Sebat
  8. IGN: Sebat Accolades: - Honorable mention LCPL1 - MVP Dubs LCPL2 - Ctrl + F in HoF Fluff: I'm a good player and I want my revenge as manager 🦇
  9. Team name: Lords of the badhax Player One: Starkallen Player Two: Sebat
  10. Just I bring back my suggestion from months ago Where if we have customlists, devs could enable an option in matchmacking signup where this ''suspect test tier'' or ''customized tier'' can be tested for players and then TC can have stats and a first view of how this pokemon/s or changes can affect a tier. Also If you make a leaderboard from this ''suspect test tier'', top 10/20/30...50 could have a vote to approves or rejects this changes
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