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  1. by re-producing something you have seen, you display your erudition, you sacrifice your originality. Tell me who you suck I will tell you who you are ... you spend your life on the forum, I write a post on the forum 1 time every 2 years, and you're in the answers every time Lol ....
  2. Somatostatin, also called GHIH (from the English Growth Hormone-Inhibiting Hormone) or SRIF (from the English Somatotropin Release-Inhibiting Factor), is a protein hormone that inhibits growth hormone. It exists in two active forms, produced by an alternative cleavage of the same pre-protein: one of 14 amino acids, another of 28 amino acids. Somatostatin is secreted not only by the cells of the hypothalamus but also by the delta cells of the stomach, intestine and pancreas. It binds to somatostatin receptors.
  3. I am now at 5,500 leppa berry at 1 week and a few days :). And I only counted since I re playing a little pokemmo, because I had a little stop playing for 4 months. otherwise I am much more. I farm to have a shiny vulpix but at the point where I am ... just a shiny I would be happy now lol. Are the odds the same for everyone? Because before I stop playing pokemon for a while, I posted a comment on the forum, about it. And after that I had 3 shiny, in the same month, maybe it's chance!!!!! But I asked myself a few questions given that I have been here since 2013 and that from 2013 to 2019 with more than 3 000 hours in game I never had anything ... it is strange in the other pokemon games I have shiny much faster when farming: s hum hum hum. I have a slight doubt, am I doing something that will work one day or not?because you have to tell me, I'm spending 4/5 million in 1 week ... I will no longer have money in Pokemon soon !!! :). I will become a tramp !!! and I'm going to have to become a farmer and grow my own Leppa berry !!!! And I don't like the farmer !!!!! I prefer to cook!
  4. Oui en fait. - la probabilité que tu parles en Francais. + - La probabilité que tu sois dans le pays ou je suis née. + - maintenant le fais que l'on se connaisse de l’époque, car je présume que cela doit être d'y a longtemps je suis ancienne ici. Eh bien cela fais de toi, un Salameche Shiny ! lol. '' - the probability that you speak French. + - The probability that you are in the country where I was born. + - and that we know each other in the past, because I presume it must have been a long time ago, I am old here. Well that makes you a Charmander Shiny! lol.
  5. je viens d'arrivé il y a quelques mois mais j'adore Sofia :)

  6. Aaaa oki, eh bien tu vois, par probabilité, j'aurais du croiser un Shiny avant de te croiser a toi depuis la Bulgarie !
  7. I really feel like the Luck are not the same for everyone ... I have the impression that some ppl have higher probabilities ... I say that, I say nothing. La, la , la
  8. Dis donc, tu m'intrigues un peu lol... Je suis née en Bulgarie a Sofia, et je parle Français, tu disais cela car tu me connais, ou c'est un pure hasard ? lol car la pour le coup les probabilité que cela arrive sont aussi rare que d'obtenir 1 shiny, au finale ! lol.
  9. 4 500 Leppa Berry in 1 week and 0 shiny, who says better ?????????
  10. ...go back in time and tell me this in 2013 pls ! but my question was not it...if you are only a member, and you know nothing about it, pls say nothing ...
  11. Hi everyone, I have a question that I ask myself for some time, having a caracter on my account banned since 2013! yes it's a little over 5 years now ... I was so young at that time, I used a program for my caracter to walk to make for 1 egg! yes at that time we made the eggs eclipse while walking! :) The time has passed I became a very mature young woman now! with a brain and I do less stupidity lol !!! But the question is not this ..... My question is ... I have never had shiny on pokemon, is it because of this banned character? does having a banned character block our account in getting a shiny? I have never had shiny in 5 years ... That is my question thanks for your answers :).
  12. I find that it is completely unbalanced with Pelipper, but if it agrees to all the majority of people ... well, it s ok.
  13. if we put only a part of the ''capacities '' or '' object '' that appears in the version '' 7 '' it inevitably favors one strategy... And pelipper in geration 6 is useless cuz without drizzle he is useless... if we put him, with drizzle , we must put all the strategy that appears in the 7th generation, or all rain team are better than other strategy... you know.
  14. Hi everyone ! My simple quetion ! why pelipper have drizzle?? we are in version black/white, he cant to have this in version Black/white, so yeah... why pelipper is not uber cuz ''drizzle '' in version black/white this is like a cheat lol.... its favors the drizzle strategy, compared to any other strategy, for realy pelipper no have this capicity '' drizzle'' in black/white version and he is not OU cuz that ....
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