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  1. I would very much like to hear your philosophy on why a decision was made to attempt to successfully incorporate time spent per match (in addition to wins / losses) when this was largely a non-contentious issue previously (when it wasn't being factored into rewards from matchmaking in any noticeable way). In many games there are side effects of the faster gameplay styles (aggro) being more efficient for progressing through ladder systems compared to slower styles (control / stall), however artificially compensating the slower gameplay styles by trying to approximate their time invested for each win and give them rewards based on that (rather than their number of victories) feels like a pipe dream, and also has unintended side-effects for many matches in the future and I personally do not think this is a good idea to do. If the system continues to try and adjust rewards based on time invested rather than number of wins you will consistently have the following cons: Winning matches early on (which can happen for stall AND aggro (even though aggro generally gets it more often for obvious reasons)) is objectively less rewarding. This for players feels very bad because early victories are rare and (generally) are the result of a good play by one of the players. By devaluing the reward of ending games early in this style you will sometimes end up "punishing" players for being "too good". The end results of a match are binary in that they are either a win or a loss. There are not multiple tiers of "victory", you do not get B Rank, A Rank, SSS Rank, etc. This system is essentially turning the results of a match from a binary win / loss into different tiers of victory (short, medium, long match length). This has been done in order to try an reimburse the time spent by stall players as they would be objectively less efficient at farming points (which is true). However this has the unintended(?) side-effect of essentially establishing a minimum time investment requirement instead of a skill requirement. This system essentially makes 9 turn wins into "B Rank" rewards, while 50 turn wins become "S Rank" rewards. This system heavily encourages "playing with your food", if you are stomping then it is smart to delay your victory by as many turns as possible. Turns are not indicative of time, if your opponent has say a slow 1 HP mon, you can switch out infinitely to inflate turn count (using sub 2 sec per turn) You should do this if you want more points until you cannot do it any longer safely, after which you just knock out the mon and claim your win. You spent a small amount of time to inflate your turn count which in turn inflated your rewards, going into a new match is a risk, this is guaranteed. This is super duper scummy, but it is the smart (and objectively correct thing to do) if your goal is to get the pretty seasonal hats ASAP. This can't even be fixed by swapping it to timer rather than turns spent, as you'd get timer stallers each turn instead. In other games fast playstyles being efficient in grinding ELO / rewards is largely accepted. You see it in most other games, but people still play slower styles. You can see this in Magic the Gathering where Mono Red is generally the go-to aggro quick games quick wins choice. This applies to many other card games, such are hearthstone, etc. yet there is no artificial compensation for drawn out games in those. In World of Warcraft (for Rated Arenas / Battlegrounds) the only factors for rewards are: "What is the disparity between team's ELO" and "Did you win". In MOBAs (League of Legends, Dota 2, etc.) it also doesn't factor in time, You don't receive less ELO if the enemy team surrenders @ 20 in LoL. The time investment being factored into rewards makes sense in the most cold logical sense devoid of human emotions, but this game (presumably) should be a form of entertainment first and a mathematical equation second, I genuinely believe that trying to factor in time investment into the rewards system errs too close on the mathematical equation side, and disregards a lot of the reason people are playing this game, for fun, you can try to rationalise why stall matches should get more points per win if they spent twice as long in their match, but it severely hampers the enjoyment gotten from winning the match for everyone else, because (again) it has turned it from a binary win / lose into different "tiers" of victory. It may be worth scrapping the idea of time spent in matches being factored into rewards at all and reverting to only considering wins for these reasons, but then again this could be a tinfoil hat ploy to just artificially increase the amount of time people spend playing vidya game (even if they're having less fun).
  2. Just to clarify on what was touched on, Destiny Knot does NOT have any effects when breeding. It only offers the mutual attraction status from Cute Charm / Attract.
  3. Hello, If you wish to suggest new vanity items for PokeMMO please post them in the following thread: I will be locking this thread as this does not belong in General Discussion.
  4. After you get to Isle 2 you could exchange 1 Big Mushroom or 2 Small Mushrooms to "Re-Learn" Hypnosis, alternatively.
  5. Whether a pokemon is shiny or not is determined whenever the Egg is handed to you (not when hatched). This probability can be increased with Shiny Charms and/or Donator Status, but is otherwise the aforementioned default rate of 1/30,000. (unless you have bred two shiny pokemon together, which results in the egg being shiny 100% of the time).
  6. Hello, If you have suggestions for features or changes to PokeMMO please post them in the following section of our forums: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/ General Discussion is not the appropriate section for Suggestions, as a result I am locking this thread.
  7. After defeating Crasher Wake, Cynthia will give you the Secret Potion after chasing the Team Galactic Grunt. Use it on the Psyduck north of Solaceon Town and head to Celestic Town. Defeat the Galactic Grunt and Cyrus, then Cynthia's Grandmother will give you HM 03 Surf.
  8. If you have questions please make a ban appeal in the appropriate section of our forums here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/ Your ban will not be discussed outside of this.
  9. Don't worry, I get it confused as well. There's a lot of moves in the game. But yes, Psywave does fixed damage based on your level (similar to Seismic Toss / Night Shade) except it varies by +/- 50% (so at level 100 it does between 50 damage to 150 damage). As this has been sorted out i'll be locking this thread. c:
  10. It only applies to a very few pokemon, there is nothing inherently wrong with some things being more inconvenient to breed than others on paper. Currently the "Convenience" is roughly the following for obtaining perfect IV / Nature mons in my opinion: Female Only Species (e.g. Chansey) Male / Female species (with ones that are more likely to be male than female being more annoying, e.g. Eevee / Starters) Genderless Pokemon (e.g. Magnemite) Shedinja (IMO minorly more annoying than Genderless) Male Only Pokemon (e.g. Hitmontop) Ditto (It just can't breed at all, must be found in the wild) Do you believe that every pokemon should be entirely equalised in terms of convenience for breeding? If so, why do you believe this is necessary or healthy for the game by comparison? Answers to these two questions would better support your desire for these pokemon being more common, but I personally do not think it is necessary, but if you have reasons why you believe this should be actively be changed I will ofc read them, as I am sure other staff will. But I do also want to just note that you don't *need* to have perfect 5x31 natured pokemon, and since most other Male-only species mons won't have it either it's not like you're really disadvantaged because that inconvenience is mirrored (and even the excessively rich players will only get a minor benefit that may impact something like one in every 50 ish games).
  11. In addition to what Teddi said (which is all correct) you will not be able to use Ocarinas in certain forms of content. This will likely just be dungeons in the future, but may also apply to other content in the future. (but for normal gameplay in Kanto / Hoenn / Sinnoh / Unova they'll work just fine).
  12. Ah, to clarify what I was referring to was the idea that because mons are not free there's an "unfair" advantage to people with more time etc, as the MMO elements of working to earn things makes it "harder" for newer players / players with less time to play to compete with other players as they'll have less options, less IV's etc etc. That's what I meant by clashing with a perfectly "fair" metagame because aspects outside of PvP are influencing ability to participate etc. and thats the part that clashes with a perfectly fair metagame, I was not referring to concepts like banning things to ubers, complex bans, etc etc. In regards to the rest of this, I am not the one who decided these policies nor do I necessarily perfectly agree with all of them 100% (everyone's opinions differ in that regard, even within staff)- I simply wanted to at least answer what some of the rationale behind the policies were as you were asking about. I'm just a moderator so all I can really do is try to answer your questions to the best of my ability based on what has been discussed in the past regarding this topic. I genuinely appreciate that this definitely frustrates a noteworthy portion of the playerbase for reasons that have been discussed at length, however as my personal opinions can sometimes be viewed as synonymous with staff as a whole it would be irresponsible for me to discuss how I personally feel on this, "if" this problem is as significant as it sounds it will likely be addressed in the future by people who do have a say in what policies are made, and as a result, also have the potential ability to change them (but does not necessarily mean they will change, just managing expectations here). I'm not going to lock this thread, as discussion of this is healthy in order to try and break down the root causes of the frustration (and because my "answer" isn't the sort of response that you're likely looking for), so I do apologise for being unable to personally try to process these complaints.
  13. Before this thread kicks off I would just like to say that quoting things without context (in this case without the message(s) this was in response to) can paint a rather unrepresentative picture; we do not see comments like these in 99% of PvP related discussion or feedback because they are done in a reasonable civil manner, these responses were likely made in response to people being unreasonable in how they tried to discuss things. I cannot speak for all staff as I am just a single person on the team, but at the same time I'm quite confident that we all understand how important PvP is to this game. In response to 1): I believe that rationale is a combination of wanting no one to have things that they cannot use (i.e. wasted resources) in PvP, such as how if Hydreigon had been allowed Draco Meteor but we had complex banned it from PvP then teaching Draco Meteor to your Hydreigon would have been a waste of resources to the player as they have locked that Hydreigon out from being used, and even in this hypothetical the concept of "complex bans" are frowned upon for similar reasons as they are viewed as messy. Another part of the rationale seems to me to be related to the idea "If something is too good for PvP (e.g. Ubers) then it is also too good for PvE and should just not be available". Essentially this is the idea that we don't want PvP-ready mons to be too weak for PvE use, which would be the case if ridiculously powerful things like Groudon / Kyogre etc were available as permanent pokemon (why would you ever use non-legendaries except for a very few specific examples, legendaries are GENERALLY just better). This side-effect is undesirable and bleeds into the design philosophy regarding ubers and complex bans being undesirable. In response to 2): Tier council is a valued source of input in regards to understanding PvP aspects of our game and how the meta is developing, however certain MMO elements will always clash with the concept of a "perfectly fair metagame"- such as the basic concept of you having to spend resources to unlock pokemon to add to your collection to be able to use in PvP. on a theoretical level this is already biased towards people who have more time to invest earning pokeyen and breeding etc compared to people who don't have as much time, unlike things like Showdown you have to earn the pokemon you are using and this is a basic example of how the PvE / MMO aspects of PokeMMO can sometimes interact in ways with the PvP aspects that make it seem as if we don't care what the Tier Council has to say (which isn't true, if we didn't care what they had to say then logically we wouldn't even have a tier council to begin with). I hope this at least begins to help break down why sometimes something that seems counter-intuitive (such as doing something different than what the tier council has unanimously agreed on) happens in regards to the game design at PokeMMO- that is not to say that things always play out like this but it most likely has been the cause for several decisions, and will likely influence future choices (such as how it's been heavily implied that hidden abilities as powerful as say Speed-Boost Blaziken will likely never be released because it would likely be instantly uber etc, same with legendaries as powerful as say Kyogre or Groudon).
  14. They would only be added if Generation 6+ was added, and there are no current plans for Generation 6+ content.
  15. I believe it has indeed been removed from normal encounters for Twist Mountain, the pokedex does not appear to be inaccurate on this point.
  16. I have edited the title of your thread to represent the contents more appropriately, in the future please reference your suggestions in some form in your title and do not put long elipses (by that I mean the "................" ) or other capslock and/or random characters in your titles. In regards to this suggestion, if the NPC is not visible at all players will not be able to tell if they are bugged (as in the NPC has not appeared because of an error), by having the NPC's exist in the overworld this allows us to tell players that they aren't missing something, it's just not implemented. More confusion would occur from removing the NPCs altogether than current, most likely.
  17. Please do not make threads with titles similar to this in the future, clickbait, excessive caps, etc are discouraged in General Discussion. If you require staff then please, firstly make the thread here in support requests (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/) or player reports (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/), and secondly give it an informative title on what your issue is ("I Need help" does not inform us of the problem, but "I am stuck in a wall in Veilstone City" does). To answer your question, however, there is no news on future events for PokeMMO currently. Please keep an eye on the announcement section of our forums as that will be the first way any players will (usually) find out about any upcoming event(s). I will be locking this thread as it has been answered.
  18. Variance in luck can play a big factor in sample sizes as low as 20, they're not that rare. I can say at the very least that you were unlucky here.
  19. Thank you to everyone who participated in today's tournament; and congratulations to our winners! yugaopeng came in First place and takes home our Shiny Starly prize and 1300 RP! In Second Place was zhaOYugod, earning 700 RP! EpicVerde and heichicoda both made it to the Semi-Finals, earning 250 RP each! Yimobaobao, MaathewMLG, Hernjet, and baokemengY all made it to the Quarter-Finals, earning each of them 125 RP. I look forward to getting to host more tournaments in the future and watch how the new Sinnoh metagame develops further, until next time! (If you want to view other parts of the bracket, they can be found here) -Matoka
  20. Best of luck to everyone participating tomorrow!
  21. Memento also fails vs. Substitute (which is how you can Sketch it also), which may be useful for some of you Spiritomb hunters. But yes, the Pokedex will specify what the encounter method is (i.e. Rock Smash in this case).
  22. Details Automated Tournament | Single Battle | 128 Players | 6v6 Over Used | Bracket Date & Time February 9th - 6pm UTC / 1pm ET / 10am PT Time Zone Converter Registration Registrations will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You can register by clicking on the PvP menu option (Masterball icon) and then select "Tournament Signup". You may only enter on one account. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Tournament Clauses Explained Over Used Ban Lists =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= First Place Prize Shiny GIFT Lvl 1 Starly Your choice of nature, two moves, with IVs 2x31 & 4x25 & 1,300 Reward Points =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Second Place Prize 700 Reward Points  Third & Fourth Place Prize 250 Reward Points  Fifth to Eight Place Prize 125 Reward Points  Host: Matoka
  23. Alrighty, As others have mentioned you can either continue to attempt to catch Yanma in the Sinnoh Safari zone or you could attempt to catch it in Kanto. Catching it in Kanto would require you to get to Pastoria City in Sinnoh and take the Ferry to Kanto and begin its story mode and progress until you unlock the second half of the Sevii Islands where you can then then find Yanma on Isle Six. Best of Luck.
  24. Lost the coin flip vs. Chimecho hordes, but oh well. 3rd OT Shiny.
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