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  1. stop taking my shinies

    1. AlateaOlwyn


      Then don't find them before your turn!

  2. No worries yet, I only got my first shiny at 2699 hours xD
  3. It's probably just because the feebas gets noticed more and that's what people end up posting on forums as it's rare. Nobody would think to link a screenshot of a carvanha. It's just less interesting.
  4. I never ran away from one as far as I know. And fyi, I instantly spotted my shiny seel, even as a single encounter xD
  5. Yes. Already have one, don't need another, don't feel the need to trade it, but yes. Cause why not.
  6. That prize tho. Too bad I already have 10 smeargles.
  7. Got my first at 2699 hours. Now at 7k hours with 20 shinies.
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