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  1. Ye but I made a post here somwhere, where I told yo to lower the amounts of Pokémans cause I'm fat'n lazy
  2. I'm just doing this when I'm bored but I've been pretty busy for a while ;)
  3. Ye that's the thing I love the most from Beartic so I kept it :) Yay another Dunsparce fan! For some reason I actually like this myself... I call it Derpwhale EDIT: I also ad some Pokemons that no one requested, just made these 4 fun Octrio & Glortle
  4. I'm a lazy person so I changed the rules (amount of Pokémans is now 2 - 8), if you have given me a request that contains more then 8 pokemon, I'll give you 1 week to change the request to 8. If you don't change I'll just pick 8 pokemon out of the ones you choosed.
  5. As you may have noticed I've taken a break because of schoolwork but I'll be right back. BTW No more requests now!
  6. This was hard, I hope you like it, I call him Wailord
  7. This looks like shit cuz it was actually very hard to mix :P I call him Blazeape
  8. Looks like you wanted a yellow Pokemon, so I made a brown one, his name is Mustachesquirrel
  9. It has no name yet... Good name anyone??
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