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  1. Its pretty funny really. Over the years the pitchforks have been figuratively 'out' for these devs whenever they have promised the community updates or have delayed updates. Now they are literally out on the day of their latest delayed update.
  2. Its simple really. Clubs suck and Round Table didnt.
  3. You just know a jonulo shiny thread bump is gonna be quality.
  4. Yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye!!!!!! stokageeeeeeee congrats mate. Hahaaaaa wish i was online for this moment in time, dayum!
  5. Depends who you ask brother, but id say at least worth a desu labcoat imho. 《Insert Borat meme》 For real though probably like 2-3m, I think. This is just me speculating though. Someone else would know better. Thought the shiny market died circa late 2017. I mean the second last shiny I stumbled upon I just paydayed it straight up so that was worth cool hard cash value of $250. Which was more then its actual value.
  6. Lmao Awk. I guess its time to man the harpoons.
  7. Hang in there youl find one eventually, or you wont. One of the two.
  8. I do remember that the scarf had ''limited'' on it for a while and then came back the next Christmas or something under ''seasonal'' or ''event only''. Someone else could confirm this though. Probably wont happen again in any case. The real question is who got that 2012 released ''New Years Celebration Party Hat''?
  9. I was told that dawn stones can be collected through pickup farming at Berry Forrest. With a 1 in every 6 hours kind of pick up rate, so hell rare, not sure if true tbh.
  10. For me and many other peeps, this is it right here. Now we can check the GTL, check in on a tourney, check in with some nabs, all whilst in class or whatever.
  11. Welcome bro, nice to have you here!
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