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  1. IGN : Kriliin Tiers : All Discord : Kriliin#3835 Country : Belgium
  2. Perish song will not be a tie, the faster pokemon is the one that faints first iirc
  3. I make sure I'm right before I report. You're the kind of person who talks a lot to say nothing, aren't you?
  4. It's a pleasure to help, catching all the bugs/mistakes is for sure hard work, don't take my post as blame, I've just been surprised that such a thing went uncaught for so long. By the way, there is another thing that can be fixed regarding Shedinja: it's immune to Night Shade while it shouldn't be the case.
  5. And it goes without saying that he doesn't normally learn U-turn, strange mistake from the devs here...
  6. Not especially because of the forums but because the event is public and open to all, in a way it competes with the official PSL and could even replace it in the long term, who knows ? I personally have no problem with this event or the name but who cares about my opinion, what I said was in the name of lava, nothing personal. I wish good luck to everybody taking part in this event and especially to the hosts it's not an easy task.
  7. How Lava PSL, Lava League or whatever we want to call it can be compared to this ? We are hosting a private competition that is purely reserved to lava members and is not public in any way. What is reproached is the public use of the term "PSL", those arguments are therefor completely irrelevant, please leave us out of this.
  8. What would you guys think of the 2OUN format (2XOU or lower, 2XUU or lower, 2XNU or lower) ? I used to host that format in my teams events, it always been fun and appreciated
  9. IGN : Kriliin Timezone : GMT+1 Tiers : All Fluff : I like blonde girls ❤️
  10. GG VVVV, you took your revenge brilliantly, best luck for finals ! Thanks to my lava fellows, you guys performed at the highest level, getting solid results every week against rough opponents, I'm proud to be with you all Of course we were here to win it all but reaching semis in such a hard competition is still a great achievement for a team who was competitively nowhere close to this one year ago Finally thanks to Mkns who is doing an amazing job despite all what I said Vamos lava !
  11. I won, gg sgerard GG Lo and sorry for the delay
  12. @MikasaA I appreciate how much you value me but please guys, keep me out of this Souu against Mikasa salty suite when ?
  13. Where are daveN, Zbleeex and XPLOZ ?
  14. Mansterix against Kriliin in 10min
  15. Wally vs filmakeralvaro in 5min Wally won
  16. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-1313949037 Rubyblood VS Gondraa Replay : https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1313949037-38mge02pn775s4oohnt34h3svswqxb2pw
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