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  1. We don't submit to terror, we make the terror

  2. To everyone replying the forum is fine as it is, yes it is. It's also very vulnerable.
  3. My suggestion is simple the forum software needs upgrading for several reasons: security, more features and a modern look. Also a nice skin wouldn't hurt. Also you can manage the main site through the pages application of IPB which would make for a much more robust system.
  4. Trying to reunite with Goldix

  5. Away playing ORAS

  6. AquaBoss

    Quick Wishlist

    #1 In game stats ie. Battle record for PVE and PVP maybe a rankin system based on this #2 A forum skin that isn't IPBs basic look #3 A solid GUI
  7. Unfortunately without adding a plugin that would be difficult and Kyu has already stated he doesn't care enough to tamper with PHP and adding a plugin (if there is one) can leave the community exploitable.
  8. As suggested here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/48770-remove-like-limit/ And shot down here This information is false, IPB do have an option to change the like quota per 24 hours. ACP -> Reputation or ACP -> Groups -> Maximum number of positive reputation points this group can give in a 24 hour period Edit: IPB = Invision Power Board the forum software this community currently uses.
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