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  1. So I have been hunting 27 days. Between Scyther, Lairon, Pikachu and Zorua spot. I decided to go hunt houndour and I got it. 45k-50k didn't count singles. Just want to also say thanks for the support from my friends who kept me going. @pikabuuhand Bosshogg.
  2. That OT is Priceless. IMO worth 100mil minimum.
  3. Goku

    LF Godly Ditto

    Thanks guys ♡ Will do!
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for a jolly / adamant ditto. My budget is 8mil. Can go more depending on how good the ditto is. Edit: I'll also accept a ditto without nature.
  5. I'll try to see if I can find it. 100% did happen my bro.
  6. There was once a player who captured raqyuaza at sky pillar and it was a shiny. He was the happiest player for a full 6 minutes x"D. So yes legendaries can be shiny.
  7. You can post this suggestion in this thread. https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/topic/14462-vanity-thread/ Also I agree. It's been ages since we last got a new hair vanity. Pretty sweet bro.
  8. You probably can't find the character because it is most probably not linked to the current email or username you used to try and recover it. Edit: Also I believe that if a character didn't fulfill the minimum requirements ( this includes having a shiny on the account or a set of enough badges or even a certain amount of hours (iirc)) then it got deleted.
  9. Hey. I made a random tyrogue breed yesterday and it turned out decent. Adamant 30/31/30/x/30/31 all egg moves. Maybe you'll be interested in this?
  10. We have the unofficial shiny existence thread for that. I'm pretty sure players will be spammed with offers rather than "best wishes".
  11. Hey there 🙂 You can try this guide https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/topic/62262-the-berry-farming-guide/ It's a very detailed guide on everything you need to know about berry farming and as far as I can see it's up to date. Hope this answers your questions.
  12. Very Impressive. Congratz
  13. The horse head was a gift administrators awarded to certain staff. I believe it was Patrick or Jindu
  14. There's no redemption for you buddy xDD
  15. Goku

    Value Advice

    Phoenix sets kinda are a bit rarer yeh. The plague masks are cool limiteds. I assume that's the reason they increased that much. The demand for them is high.
  16. Goku

    Value Advice

    No, not really. They'll increase a bit but not substantially. The reason being that there are generally more of the 'newer-limited' vanities. This is because when everyone found out that they increased in value more people tried making long term investments. When a lot of people make the same long term investments the outcome is low. So there's more enough to supply the demand for a few years. Look at boar sets. They have been out a while and they don't seem to be picking up value at all.
  17. Just read the thread. I'm kinda down for change. I mean obviously with the new way (shuffle method) you can't really spectate your next opponent... but Imo that seems kinda weird. So people now should go with a all rounder strong team and hope they don't get countered... I can see this causing tension. Edit: Like maybe it was better when one had an idea of what their opponent was bringing to the table.
  18. You can absolutely defend yourself. Remember that the first thing is to be respectful towards staff. I mean like honestly if you're gonna be disrespectful that's not gonna help your case and anyways will prob hinder staff from looking further into it. The 2nd thing is if you know you're guilty then it is what it is. \' '/. Most bans are justified. Also most people are impatient. I won my appeal after 1 year. So yeh..
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