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  1. Apologies. Hopefully this weekend. There’s been a lot more submissions than I thought! Edit: Latest should be Wednesday!
  2. this is me 🥺 trainer card is bugged Rule 5 states I can go crazy. sooooo... Age: Mid-20s is good. Can I be riding a shiny arcanine with a hugely exaggerated ban hammer. Maybe i'm taking aim at something adorable, you can decide what Ty mi amor. P.S i only just realised what ur name means
  3. As leader of Vermilion. Fall in on me @Shadow
  4. To be honest, I wouldn’t even reward any points for anything under semi-finals.
  5. Examples of winners from past music competitions to give you an understanding of what we're looking for:
  6. As you explore the vast wilderness of the Safari, the fresh scent of grass fills the air and the sound of leaves rustling in the wind surrounds you. Suddenly, your eyes fixate on a shimmering Pokemon, unlike any you've ever seen before. Your heart races with excitement as you approach it cautiously, eager to capture this rare and elusive Pokémon. As you reach for your bait, a mix of emotions washes over you. On one hand, you feel the thrill of victory and the anticipation of adding this magnificent shiny to your collection. But on the other hand, there's a nagging sense of anxiety gnawing at the back of your mind, warning you of possible failure that may come. Create a piece of music that will capture both the excitement of the hunt and the underlying fears that come with it during the encounter. Start date: Monday 22nd May 00:01 AM UTC End Date: Wednesday 21st June 11:59pm UTC Free Software: Soundation - A free, browser based recording studio. Audacity - A free audio recorder. Rules: All submissions must be original work, no remixes or covers are allowed. You may use pre-recorded sounds, samples, VSTi, etc to create your entry. You may not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds in length. One entry per user, if you wish to edit your entry then go back and edit your submission post. All submissions must be made via Youtube or Soundcloud uploads. No other format will be accepted. Your entry may have lyrics if you wish, but this is not a necessity. Any lyrics used must adhere to our Code of Conduct. Entries submitted before or after the competition opens or closes will not count. Please include your in game name in your submission post. Prizes: 1st - 1250 Reward Points 2nd - 500 Reward Points 3rd - 250 Reward Points Judges: KaynineXL Cosmooth Shadow AustinMMO Aybel
  7. I agree with you. Based on the fact a project like this takes quite some effort and time, I will accept this entry in.
  8. Thank you for all for taking part! We have a late entry and I'll discuss if we can include it since it is late. My judges and I will now discuss and rate each gym behind closed doors and we'll get back to you soon!
  9. As far as I’m aware this mail was held by Jynx which you received when trading a Poliwhirl from an NPC in Cerulean. I’m pretty sure it was removed many many years ago and you cannot get it again other than purchasing from another player. This information is just off the top of my head and I may be wrong.
  10. 1st: gbwead 2nd: Zokuru 3rd: enchanteur Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who took part and spectated! Lastly, a thank you to all of my refs @[email protected] @Cosmooth @ZacC @EnzoAbbacchio @BabyTap @CathyPlays ❤️❤️ https://pokemmotournament.challonge.com/s6ne4ml8
  11. Just a reminder, this tournament will be held in 4 hours!
  12. @Ajbramberg Please check this thread for tiering definitions. Your use of 'counter' is incorrect.
  13. Hey, I've decided to allow google slide if you wish to present it that way ^^
  14. All comments that did not contribute to the discussion were removed. I personally do not believe that niche movesets/Pokemon or factoring in luck are compelling arguments in a discussion thread. However, I'm sure the tier council members are capable of sifting through comments and picking out which arguments are useful and which are not. It doesn't require players to flame someone for their opinion which only further disrupts the thread.
  15. Dang, I really want a growlithe.. I'm on 50k encounters already
  16. Greetings all! It's officially over. I have tallied the results and this is the outcome! Invited players: Pedrowkz, KonBauo, WeiErLT, YJos, Gabuchox, gbwead, darmoiZ, Zokuru, ReZiyan ToyeYin, AngeloDLZ, XxBehemothBlade, enchanteur, LoveSiNiLe, IHasvik, suifengqihh Reserves: 1st OU, 2nd Miloticc, 3rd Nestymore - After that I will go down the list and pick from top to bottom. Notes: Your title signatures and currently being processed. I'll link them here soon with your name! 🙂 Reserves are recommended to show up! time zones may limit players showing up so you could get in! Pedrowkz 13 1 st KonBauo 12 2 nd WeiErLT 12 3 rd YJos 11 4 th Gabuchox 11 5 th gbwead 10 6 th darmoiZ 9 7 th Zokuru 9 8 th ReZiyan 8 9 th ToyeYin 7 10 th AngeloDLZ 7 11 th XxBehemothBladeX 7 12 th enchanteur 7 13 th LoveSiNiLe 7 14 th IHasvik 6 15 th suifengqihh 6 16 th OU 6 17 th Nestymore 5 18 th Miloticc 5 19 th Reserves:
  17. A captcha isn't a punishment. Just because you get one, it doesn't mean we think you're doing anything you shouldn't, they are simply a check. They take a few seconds to complete and help counteract 3rd party software.
  18. Is there’s a couple that fit a theme, it would be fine. Explain your reasonings for it.
  19. It’s also one of the most common egg hunts so when players are finished with their hunt they will place 4+ boxes into GTL. This is not the whole reason but is certainly is part of it.
  20. I would rather not use images like those for your gym, you can just draw the outline of those with basic lines if you like, it doesn't have to be anything spectacular if you're not an artist to show your gym
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