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  1. I totally agree, currently it doesn't make any sense to hunt secret shiny because they only have the different particle (so nothing important)
  2. I've always been okay with introducing something to improve the current state of guilds / teams. in addition they might think of putting placeables to be placed in the secret base as a reward for pvp, pve or even.
  3. I wonder: how will you know if someone is really a woman?
  4. I wonder if anyone has ever thought about adding shiny in different colors, instead of the useless particles
  5. I don't know, it really does not seem to add anything more to the gtl...
  6. I think exactly like you. nice dig at the staff. in any case, I think we all understood what you meant by your proposal and I also believe that the community has widely expressed itself against this proposal, so I would recommend ending the discussions here (also because some are starting to get excited) and leave there last decision to the staff. P.s. I also reconfirm my position on this proposal: Unfavorable
  7. sure, but putting the lock option on eyes wouldn't be a bad idea.
  8. then the gatcha should have vanities as prizes. never pokemon.
  9. if implementing gatcha at least half of the players would lefter to migrate to a non-gatcha game (and they would do well) this would affect the GTL, the pvp (tournaments etc) and the whole game in general, allocating pokemmo to close after a few years due to lack of users. So for me it's a big NO
  10. this should never happen, I think we will need to recalibrate the anti-cheating programs that pokemmo use
  11. Very good service. Professional, serious, gentle: 5/5 Advised!
  12. it's a good idea (i would put more colors).
  13. the legendaries as they are on pokemmo are a real feature, so no.
  14. I think we need an in-game calendar with all kinds of events in general and that it's kind of an object like the map.
  15. we could limit ourselves to putting the link of the pokemmo forum profile. (assuming you have one or want to make it visible)
  16. I'd say... when they implement the guild bases.
  17. I agree, maybe putting some check on the info that you want to make visible or not.
  18. but what would it bring concretely? I think we should give other uses to this build. now this seems too useless. try to put some pvp features that can only be done there.
  19. good idea, superfluous but still really good! want my magnemite follow me
  20. I use 5th gen as it would make no sense to see pokemon in 3d HD in 5th gen background.
  21. Reflection on the meaning of PokeMMO... Johto or not Johto, that is the question.
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