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  1. what about having a percentage change of the player getting pokerus after a defeating certain pokemon/trainer battles. like a really low chance. and the effect would only last for a little while, affecting all pokemon you have in your party?
  2. Hey, I really like your signature. Where did you get it?

  3. how bout the idea of watching the tv, like with the hordes in platinum, "reports say a phenomenon is occuring in ****"
  4. screw it lets just add in both gen 6 and 7
  5. For people who dont know, there is a myth saying that the caterpie line has been mixed up with venonat line, because of the similarities the final evolutions share in comparison.
  6. not only a etenar everlasting bond onto this shit game, but also to a grill? no thanks
  7. Ign- LifeStyle Forum name- Banned so doesn't matter Country- UK Tiers- OU/UU/NU Discord- LifeStyle #0660
  8. instead of ur rank being hidden, you start out at the lowest, play 8 games, and u start there, u dont need to start out in iron as far as i know
  9. dont need to improve it by adding something that you can already do urself, and wont even take u half an hour. not like there is anything else to do in the game while waiting for eggs, island trainers/gym runs cooldowns. if u cant handle some critizism ur in the wrong community bro. not only did i help u to some good tips on how u can sort ur boxes with the current system, but also explained to u why this isnt going to be implemented in the upcoming updates.
  10. then do like me and always have box 1 open for wild pokes , and have ur pokedex sorted box on another box. now ur just being lazy and unimaginative
  11. doubt u have infinite spaces in ur boxes. clear some out of useless pokes, and move everything to boxes close together, have ur pokedex open beside ur pokedex, and rightclick the pokemon in order to dex #, and press move to box. sure its annoying, but almost all of us had to do something like this at one point to get order on things. sure it can be implemented, but alot of us is waiting for dungeons so we can finally have something more to do end game, and a thing as easy as a button that sorts ur boxes is going to take time to implement, and will delay the updates. put it up as one of that things that will come eventually, but u wont care when when it comes, cus yeah, its gonna be a while
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