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  1. Honestly I think Hit will be aiding Universe 7, but not so sure about him facing off against Jiren. Unless Jiren just insta-beats(Not as in thrown out the ring) him and Goku has to take over. I think it will be: Goku VS Jiren Vegeta VS Toppo Hit VS Dyspo/Kahseral or something. Also Dyspo looks so familiar to Beerus and fat Beerus. Still waiting for a scene where Vegeta will whoop the Universe 6 saiyans for dat disrespekk
  2. Honestly, it's either Vegeta or Gohan who are going to shine. Atleast, I hope so, they are the ones who actually deserve it. @97 Also fuck those Universe 6 trash saiyans lmao they're gonna get bagged Also tribute to Robbie Rotten who only has a couple days to live apparently. :( Replace:
  3. I'm just glad you guys didn't really kill the team. LYLE #1 from the heavens.
  4. Forums has been made for this. This is the real end-game content. Now is anybody going to try and get more notifications than that? I don't think so Bro9.
  5. bby those assholes didn't even consider us smh Also yubel #1
  6. Trynna get some respekk on my boi X, he the real OG that came up with forum meta's.
  7. My mom didn't love me neither, but ur just bad Coolio.
  8. IGN: GymLeaderGaryy PokeMMO Team: NoRe or whatever it is. Experience: Spectated season 3, played all PSLs since Season 4. Like most players I bench-warmed my first season trying to help my team as best as I could under Kanzo's great managership. Then season 5 hit where Kanzo also managed the team which I barely got in, because Quint is the type of guy to afk in an auction. This is most likely the highlight of all my seasons as a player going 6-2. This season was also my most hyped and clutch season of all winning my playoffs match, but then having to play again, but in a tier I wasn't too experienced in a.k.a ORAS OU with only 15 minutes to make a team because of the Zeikooo/Osuki fraud, rekting Spaint(Love you) and getting whooped in finals cause of Lion throwing a tantrum about the 3 match rule(Also love you, you uguu). Then we have season 6 going under Baenines canines, having a better than decent record, losing interest in the game though. We did pretty well, but got unlucky and lost in the finals. Last but not least we have season 7 where I pretty much lost all motivation to play the game due to the staleness of it. I didn't want to be scum so I made sure I played all my matches for the lord himself, ElBoolio. I have also previously drafted a team for Baenines Canines. Motivation: I miss the game, I want to have a reason to log on on forums that isn't Xatu's aut-... No, let's not do that. I really want to come back to the game, but currently I have no motivation whatsoever, and I know that being a PSL mannger will give me the motivation I need to start playing again. Not only that, but I truly do miss the community and watching matches like I used to. And I promise if I get picked I won't pull a Frexas and be sure to stay the whole season to help and motivate my players, no matter what may happen. No worries about that though, we'll win the season easyyyy. Fluff: Some random girl I kissed a couple days ago told me I'm made to be a manager and the one I kissed yesterday told me I'm a beast. Also I have never ever lost a playoffs/finals match in all my seasons and to add to that, my teams have never ever gotten lower than 2nd place(B9s was in finals right?).
  9. Shits pooped cause the system is automated. Basically don't use words that are easily detected f.e : uguu, Inbred, autist, etc. And especially not nagger.
  10. Why does this he-devil plant his corrupted roots onto our thread? @KaynineXL @DoubleJ
  11. Welp. We had a couple of good ones and I truly enjoyed all my time being in the team. Sad it has to end this way though. Though I haven't won any official, nor do I plan to win one soon. I have always enjoyed my time in LYLE. I got to meet a lot of cool players in there when I first joined, Raaidn, Bow, Plat, Kay, Quint, Kanzo, Nik, Des my uncle Gyps and you of course(My apologies to the other shitload more I forgot). I just want to say thanks for the great times I have gotten to be a part of. I will truly miss all of you, and this also goes for the members that joined after I joined(Jovi, Shocker, Life, Kev, etc). And for the LYLE members that still play officials(Jovi[I think], Life, Doc, Aftershocker, etc) Keep on being the best, you're making me proud. LYLE #1.
  12. Haha. Seriously though, over my dead body that I will log on to find out that [LYLE] tag isn't there anymore.
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