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  1. IGN: awaLLz Accolades: Some of you know me, probably not everybody, but let's try why not? Fluff: Si cuela cuela y si no alv jjeje
  2. IGN: awaLLz Preferred Tiers: LC-OU, LC-UU, LC-DOUBS, I never play in showdown before so, 8gen for nexts season. Discord Contact: awaLLz#5677 Pluff: LC is the reason that I have my YouTube channel, I hope to enjoy the trip until the end. Preferred Potential Managers: to be honest I prefer Cali just because her Vibe and how she is as "Teammate" (but every manager here have the true potential to take everyone to the final, I'm just going to do my part not matter who's my opponent).
  3. Hello, I hope everything is ok overthere.. This is my situation, I'm looking to move the time progress bar from the corner to behind of the pvp ribbons (LIKE I SHOW YOU IN THIS PICTURE)… I'm using the ANDROID THEME in the pc, so this is for PC.. The think is IDK where can I do those thing from the XML files in the theme.. I made a few changes in the battle.xml but It doesn't work... If somebody can help me with this I will appreciate it! <3 Thanks The purpose for this is to show better the CHAT ICON and the MENU ICON as you can see, It doesn't look good!
  4. Hello, First this theme is amazing! second I have a big question, HOW?? can I see on the Pokémon Summary the gender of my Pokémon?????? IDK if somebody else noticed this things... please I will appreciate any comment.. thanks.
  5. I want to make a video for this amazing design!!
  6. The reason that I came back to play this game was for PLAY LC, (Since 2017 to now) it was fun, "quick matches" something totally difference comparing with OU (WALLS TIERS) I made several videos in my Youtube channel about how to breed some LC mons, how to put correctly the EVS and how to play LC for motivate new players. This is totally ridiculous, we know that the entire staff is bored about their own game. They never pay attention to his community is CLEAR!!!... WTF dude we just want to make PokeMMO great again.. but if you want to kill your game... go ahead! -_-
  7. They kill my vibe with that s***. I'm finally done after 7 years with this staff.
  8. IGN: awaLLz Reason: IDK Why I submitted my application but, whatever! Let's try Competitive accolades: UU, NU, LC Discord contact (optional): awaLLz#5677
  9. Yes is just that, I don't have the time to play all that rankeds in left than 1 week to get all the "easier rewards". Yesterday before the recent update I was close to get the Gift Forretres with 7 days left until the period end... and now I can't get anymore. So sad
  10. This is a question... how can I know exactly how to get all of these ribbons in rankeds??... I know that the black one is unranked the last one is when you're TOP 1. I'm not sure about the others! Thanks!
  11. Tienes que hacer este post en la zona de reclamacion y con la traduccion al ingles. publicandolo aca no te ayudara ni Dios. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/ aqui
  12. In-game name: awaLLz Forum name: angelhierro0512 Country: Rep.Dom/USATiers signed up for: LC
  13. Is Just that! to much negative people in this forum just trynna to offend the others!
  14. -ADJUST/TO MOVE the Screen Battle position to differents positions of the screen. Example: https://gyazo.com/9d4d4997dd0f6328d0e3febc5f978f9d -New Trainer Card Design Example: https://gyazo.com/b466d16e28227587baa42c15eb2676ce -HOLD the party container in another position of the screen when we log in. Thanks for you effort.
  15. that pic is so old friend. from 2 years ago... about the (hp bar etc) I mean the position of the battle screen. that's it.
  16. why? is just the possibility of move the screen battle where i would like to put it. not only in the middle of the screen.
  17. The thinks is why we can't just move to another position of the screen the screen battle. Not all the player like to see that tiny windows when they are battling. in my case.. and we have a lot of space in the screen that we can take advantage of that.
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