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  1. With 50mil just find your niche and play lol I recently came back after several years as well and sold 2 old halloween items for 30mil. Im a breeder so now I breed as much as I want. Some people are battlers. Some people use this as a role play game. Some people hunt shinies. Find what you like to do and just do it! Youve got plenty of cash to do just about anything you want. I also came up with some lofty goals to work for to make it fun, a Desu Labcoat and a perfect 6x31 shiny Machoke ? Oh and I spend a good chunk of time helping out newbies by giving away breeding fodder. Good way to make new friends o/
  2. Well, its not a ghost type but I just finished making a Parasect for pokemon hunting using False Swipe, Spore and Sweet Scent. I used Secret Power for my fourth slot because I needed a handy mon with it to get into my base, but you can swap that out for a number of other handy moves. Full happiness Frustration is a good trick I use for some of my hunters too.
  3. It's been years since I played and I know the rules and whatnot are always changing so I thought I would ask first. If I wanted to hold a contest and give out prizes am I allowed to do that? Are there any rules I need to follow in order to hold a contest? I dont want to be flagged for any kind of suspicious activity and lose my account after I JUST came back lol
  4. MUAHAHAHAAAA!!! YESSSSS!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!! ...*ahem* I mean, I got it working! Yay! After about 24 straight hours of updates....
  5. Yes I have done exactly that. I also spent the night updating my computer because it hasnt had internet access in about 5 years. I am 99% positive it is something I still need to update on my end, Im just not sure what yet. Thank you! Now we wait. I may go ahead and send an updated ticket after I am certain all my updates took.
  6. After a hiatus of several years because real life sucks, I am back! Sort of. I tried downloading PokeMMO and every time I try to log in, the client crashes. I have all the roms in the right places. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times. I tried to repair the client. I updated Java to the latest version. I even got back into my old account. I have a crappy old windows 7 64-bit and thats what I downloaded, which, according to the system requirements page, that should still work. Finally, I submitted a support request. Is there anything else I can do? Am I missing something? Or do I just wait?
  7. Ive been getting a decent amount of feedback saying my story is a little confusing lol The kid is in the Alolan region, which Zapdos is not native to, so no, he wouldn't have heard the story before. Ash certainly had never heard of any legendaries before he started his journey, and he was a huge pokemon fan. Ive been tweaking the story to make more sense to everyone.
  8. IGN: WolfgangDamien The Storm-Bringer 1162 words You've asked me to explain why am I afraid of thunderstorms? Why does the roar of thunder send a nauseating shiver down my spine? And why does the crackle of lightning terrify me so? For years, others have noted my peculiarity and so I have decided to relay the most horrifying experience of my life and leave it up to the individual to judge whether or not my aversion to thunderstorms is justified. It is mistakenly thought that supernatural events only happen in far-off places to singular people with no witnesses to corroborate the tale. It happened to me one mid-summer's afternoon, on my very own front porch, with my faithful companion, Littany, at my side to bear witness to the whole thing. In my youth, I admit I was quite fond of thunderstorms; there is something in the majesty of it all that mesmorized me without fail: the cool air after a blistering heat, the soothing pitter-patter of rain as it hits the ground, how one could be outside in the open, yet, still remain under a guise of privacy as the rest of the world shut themselves up inside their houses, and then there was the loud crack of thunder and flash of lightning that were always a thrill to witness in my blissfully ignorant youth. Now, I too shut myself up inside my house whenever a sudden thunderstorm rolls through, although, it is for very different reasons than just getting a little wet. My name is Phillip H. Craft and I had never heard about the mythical "Storm-Bringer" until the day I saw it. It happened to me one afternoon in mid-summer when I was a young boy just at the cusp of ten years old, this I remember because I had recently acquired my very first pokemon: a Litten, whom I promptly named "Littany," one of the more clever double-entendre from my youth if I may say so, as a tribute to my favorite pastime: literature. Littany and I were relaxing on my front porch after a vigorous morning of play and training, defeating three Pikipeaks, one Caterpie, and discovering a nest of baby Alolan Rattata before we were ran off by their Raticate mother who chased us nearly all the way back home. Littany and I were lolling around on the front porch after lunch when it happened: out of nowhere, the bright sunny skies suddenly turned a sinister grey and a strong gust of wind rolled through my small neighborhood. Instantly, the usual noise of the hustle and bustle of a normal summer's day silenced, almost as if on que with the first crackle of thunder, and all the people of the town shut themselves up inside their houses. I decided to stay on my front porch and watch the rain, enjoying the cool breeze as the soft pitter-patter of rain lulled me off to sleep with Littany, who was securely curled up in my lap, protected from stray rain drops in my arms, and purring away contently. The two of us were rocked awake suddenly from our peaceful slumber by a boom that must have shook the whole town and that's when I saw it. I rubbed the sleep haze from my eyes and looked up into the sky and there it was: a flying monstrosity who's bright yellow color contrasted profoundly against the dark charcoal storm clouds that were rushing in behind the creature. As the thing flew overhead and the skies darkened, I saw bolts of actual lightning emit from the creature's body, utterly obliterating anything in its path. I remember that its entire body was covered in spiked feathers, jutting out like a million shining knives, and it screeched horribly when it opened its long, thin beak, yet, what terrified me the most was when I realized that the roaring thunder was not the result of far-off lightning strikes, but rather it was the sound of this tremendous monster's beating wings. Fear froze me to the spot for what seemed like an eternity until I heard Littany growling lowly, and then I saw that he too was staring straight up into the sky, with his large, unblinking, yellow-red eyes completely fixated upon the anomalous stranger. I knew then that this was not a dream and that what we were experiencing was terrible, unfettered reality. Then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, it was gone; disappearing into thick black storm clouds as rain came pouring down in a torrential flood, obscuring our visual of anything passed my front sidewalk. Frightened beyond measure, I ran inside, screaming frantically for my parents as Littany scrambled in close behind me. Appearing before my parents as a shamble of my usual self, trembling and babbling wildly, I relayed my experience as best I could with Littany by my side, who echoed my fright and punctuated my sentences with loud, determined mewlings as if he were trying to say, "I saw it too!" My parents stood there in disbelief as I described the monster and when I was finished they exchanged a deeply worried look between the two of them as they both spoke simultaneously in a low whisper, "The Storm-Bringer." My interest was immediately piqued and so I begged my parents to explain further. My father spoke up, "the legend of the Storm-Bringer has been passed down in this region for generations, going back longer than anyone knows. Some think that it's a god, some think that it's a demon, but most people nowadays would probably believe that it's a Pokemon. The Storm-Bringer is said to be an enormous bird-like monster that creates thunder with the beating of its great wings and controls lightning with its eyes. It is said that the creature doesn't like to be seen, and if you were to look into the eyes of the Storm-Bringer, or if it sees you, it would mean certain death. However, it is simple enough to avoid the monster; it always brings the same warning with it whenever it's nearby: a sudden thunderstorm. That's why they call it the 'Storm-Bringer.'" Before my father could say any more, my mother suddenly interrupted. "I'm sure you were just dreaming! You've heard this all before when you were just too little to remember it. That's all. Besides, the Storm-Bringer is just an old wives' tale. It's not real." My mother told me, but I don't think that I have ever truly believed her. It would surely help my shaky nerves if I could dismiss thinking about what deadly horror looms just out of sight whenever it rains. All that I can say is that I now hate thunderstorms and I grow feint whenever I hear thunder or see lightning. And to this day I avoid being outside in a thunderstorm at all costs for this one reason above all others: Littany, now a full-grown Incineroar and my only cooperating witness, remains just as terrified of thunderstorms as I am.
  9. To be announced / added.. I said I havent figured out a name yet lol
  10. IGN: WolfgangDamien Pokemon Name: Hearthhorn Type: Fire / Grass Pokedex Entry: These pokemon have adapted to living in harsh rocky mountain areas as a way of preventing themselves from setting unintentional grass fires. Hearthhorn have boney growths on their bodies to protect themselves from their own constant burning fire, this includes long spiraling horns for their vines to wrap around; and a "mask" that looks like a skull to protect its face from its flames. Female Hearthhorn have small orange flowers that bloom from their vines. EDIT: Added the name! This was actually my second type choice, I wanted to do Fighting / Electric but I couldnt come up with a solid concept I liked.
  11. If you cant draw, original MS Paint sketches are accepted.. But I don't think copypasta / photomanips will be allowed
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