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  1. give us the dungeons already
  2. Pressure @Kyu @Darkshade @Desu
  3. all you probably must know is i made this as a suggestion to make the game into an Esport
  4. In advance sorry for my bad grammar. So the idea is to engage more your player base by making an esport format competition through out the year the best 8-16 teams that had the best results out of the TT's score would classify next year to this Pokemmo Esport league. This league would've a scheduled team vs certain team weekly in a round robin through a season lets say we are on "spring" the best 4-6 teams depending on the entries to this league would classify to a midseason invitational where the prize would be either RP,Shinies, pokeyen this would take place during summer. Last but not least fall another round robbin i forgot to mention before how do you get the 4-6 classifying teams its by points. after that you can make a final event for the end of the year just like the midseason invitational this can be held in December. 2 teams with the worst results on both seasons being spring and fall would be dropped off the league and you could be adding the next best teams on from Team Tournament results again "that are not on the league already" Team Tournaments point system can be use that way. For the champions of each season you guys can also give prizes being pokeyen or RP. We also have Twitch enough twitch streamers to make a commentator table. This way more people will get to know the game and expand the horizons of this game. I feel like its not that clear and i would like if the community throws ideas to it if they want to make it a better event also for the pokemmo staff to start hosting this kind of events. because is just beneficial for the game more entertaining and would make players try even harder.
  5. IGN: Takens Country: USA Tiers : All but LC shit tier Discord: CrizRnB#3647 Notes: fuck everyone
  6. Congrats on the marriage i hope it ends up being a really long relationship! On the other side Randoms is not something that i think people would want so bad, not as much as Hidden abilities and dungeons its been 6 years almost since the announce of this. I think it would be a good time to tell us the progress on this future update don't you think?
  7. oh shit i guess we can give one ;)
  8. Mantine hazer or venusaur the ones you mentiones are not even close to being counters one of the azumarill sets were belly drum/bounce/return/aqua jet.
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