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  1. The silence is the permanent feature that @Kyu talked about.. this IS phase 3
  2. I’m gunna run out of images to steal from google at this rate
  3. Capybara has woken up from his 2 week hibernation and this mf update is still not out what tf is the delay
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but Magic Bounce doesn’t prevent defog, does it? It simply causes the user’s evasion to drop instead whilst still removing hazards and screens?
  5. I really don’t think Espeon is problematic in and of itself, and I feel like it will naturally move up due to usage anyway thanks to its new utility. I might just be naive to the use of Magic Bounce but I can’t understand why it would make it worthy of a ban
  6. Lachi prooo mi amor I’ll miss you man, take care and good luck ❤️
  7. True, in which case common walls such as crobat and bronzong wall it. You need to build a team that covers both possibilities - fortunately tenta and bronzong have good synergy and cover both sets in only 2 slots. Mono-STAB sets with giga/wb/ep would still shit on this core however.. maybe this set would be optimal actually
  8. Both mamo and bisharp are already perfectly viable in the tier so it's not like their sole purpose would be specifically for venu.. I'm not saying this to justify venu staying in the tier, just confused by your original statement Plus there're also arcanine, absol, zoro, staraptor, ambipom which all offer strong prio However admittedly I also don't know much about UU speed tiers especially in relation to sun, so it may be the case that Venu is able to forfeit some speed for HP or defense EVs to combat prio RKs.. we shall see
  9. spdef lampent ez on a more serious note, tentacruel can at least whittle venusaur down with liquid ooze to make it easier to revenge kill with priority
  10. udder hat and they MUST JIGGLE when u walk (please the world depends on it)
  11. Agree. Untradeable medallions would have propped up the value of the items/boss rewards a little longer too. It's two days into a two week event and the regular NPCs are already equal if not better as a moneymaking method due to market oversaturation Note: not so much a criticism as much as it is an afterthought. Tradeable medallions make the event very accessible to newer players also, which I assume was the intention given that it is a celebratory event
  12. I just feel like it completely contradicts the evasion clause though personally, but maybe it's just me
  13. What if it was paired with screens
  14. I disagree. Evasion boosts, by definition, take autonomy away from the opposing player. The advantage gained from this ability is wildly disproportionate to the risk of using defog, and the ability for the opponent to circumvent this advantage is completely at the mercy of RNG even if they possess the theoretical means i.e. a faster revenge killer or a priority user. Of course, there specific circumstances to which this doesn't apply, such as when using guaranteed hit moves like Aerial Ace; but in the grand scheme of things this is a microscopic caveat which doesn't really apply to the UU or OU metas. My issue lies with the fact that the threat of an evasion boost is enough to completely change the course of a battle without even coming onto the field, because if your opponent doesn't have rapid spin, they are effectively forced to keep entry hazards otherwise they risk losing the game purely to RNG. I think this is a dynamic that requires proper consideration.
  15. Agree, Venu is a much bigger threat I think. Serp excels as a scarf sweeper which means that it requires a fair amount of prediction, as well as needing a turn to start doing real damage. Venu on the other hand is going to be a monster as it has even more speed and doesn't have the downside of being locked into one move, alongside a much better base spatk stat But it's also a very valid point that they're unlikely to stay in UU regardless, as Luke said, so I guess we just have to watch and wait
  16. Has there been any discussion on contrary’s evasion boost from defog? Was it a conscious decision to keep it?
  17. Was just about to ask to discuss fera and serp, good to see they’ve already been dealt with
  18. Lmfao this is amazing
  19. I hope they add very good and cool and epic bosses to the event, I made a sprite that they could use for one of them
  20. what do people think the event will be and when? i think it will be a hashtag #epic dungeon with possibly some very cool and awesome hidden abilities and gamer activities i want serious answers only and ⛔ strictly no capybaras ⛔
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