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  1. IGN: lFrankiel Country: Venezuela Tiers: Only NU.
  2. For God sake , stop asking for jhoto!
  3. Oh , it is a grovyle? My bad then.. still evil tho.
  4. That sceptile looks like he's up to something evil.
  5. See jericho? There is no point on doing this. Only Zekhar and axx replies were relevant... And yes notmudKID , only ES community do that ... right? there is 0 spam on EN or any other ch.
  6. And now like on all spanish post you will get replies like "jajajaja" or "build a wall" or stupid things like that. They dont take us seriously in this forum so dont bother.
  7. And hitmontop , lets bring back hypno and NU would be a cancer like it was before xD
  8. Damn , cancertop and cancerprass again in NU x( i cri
  9. Im kinda new in this Game and im not sure about what i gonna ask but , what do you guys think about hypno being UU now? Who's gonna protect us from special attackers like gorebyss or kadabra? Any option ?
  10. Where do you guys do these battles? i would like to see
  11. Agree with you , rng in battle frontier is bullshit , my pokes always gets frozen from ice beams and tri attacks
  12. Good job!. Also , ninetales get that much usage in uu? It could be good to have it back
  13. Estimated time for salac and lum berry plants?
  14. So if i break , for example a cheri berry , i can get plain spicy seed or very spicy seed... right? thats all i want to know
  15. Which berry gives very spicy and very sweet seed? Can anyone tell me?
  16. Shiny trapinch hatched and adamant. OT : Shinoxxx or something like that , dunno how to post pic tho
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