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  1. Hi Firebird! Your old save file probably just isn't compatible with the updated game anymore. That often happens when you use a different save for another game (Even if they are similar). May may have a pokemon that causes the restart. For now you should just use the initial version and optionally insert the new sprites by yourself if you want. Hope I helped!
  2. Thank you! That's very kind of you but you really don't have to waste your time with me. I'll take my time too in the following days or weeks. I'll first just do it for myself. If I'm happy with the product, I'll ask everyone for permission and post it. Thanks again!
  3. Wow! You know, you really inspired me to make my own Moemon patch. I don't really know much but I can try. I'll probably just manually export and import the sprites. I would love to use Pokemon Expert Emerald as the base because thats my favorite Version (Sigma is still cool, no doubt). Would it be OK to export most sprites from your patch? Of course, of course, I would credit you and Moetal and all artists that i find! Success is not 100% probable so no high hopes. If demand isn't high, I'll just do it for myself. Don't worry about responding quickly. Have a nice time ;) !
  4. Yeah, I checked your standard 1.7 and 1.8 release (not Sigma Emerald). Both are like that. But of course I just want to help polishing everything, so no haste and no obligations! Haha. Even though I don't celebrate and I'm too late: Happy already over Thanksgiving everyone!
  5. @Zerosuguha91 Nightmare Fuel for sure but it doesn't seem to appear in my version. Maybe something wrong with the rom or something? @OtherPlayers (Already posted this on Moetal's Thread) I noticed that the Sceptile sprite is kinda weird. The backsprite is too high and her little ornaments are the wrong color. They should be yellow like in the official sprite. I already fixed it in my version. If you use NamelessSpriteEditor, I could send you the .nslx data.
  6. Hi everybody! First time posting something ever! It warms my heart seeing so many Moe-Enthusiasts. Sadly, I'm not skilled at pixel crafting but I still want to help a little bit. Just a little error I noticed with the Sceptile back-sprite. (here an example I found) The sprite is 1 pixel too high. Also, her little ball-ornaments on her head are yellow on the front-sprite but green on the back-sprite. Generally, her back looks different from the other Moemon art from the downloadable sprites on this thread. I'll try to see how to fix it. It's worth mentioning, I hope. Does this help? Maybe? Love you.
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