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  1. well, thats subjective, milotic can also predict growth and use haze Edit: Also if u put hydro pump u can 2hko jolteon while he has small chance to ohko with +1 tbolt + life orb.
  2. true, but u use twave with the intention to paralyze, the same shouldnt be applied for bslam.(at least as literal as twave)
  3. yeah, bslam paralyzes you, you dont attack, he does another bslam, u again dont attack, and he kills your gyara. Sry but still not a solution, and as I said in the earlier post, its out of your hands to beat that paralyze chance of lax.
  4. Best discussion ever, still we need to get rid of this bslam on snorlax. Like gbwead said, that huge paralyze chance is not in your hands, you can´t do anything to stop it (No, lum berries are not worth most of the cases) Winning/losing by some factor that you can´t control is highly unhealthy. OHKO moves like fissure or sheer cold have literally the same chance of body slam paralyze and they are banned for a good reason. Despite bslam´s paralyze not being a decisive factor like those moves, it still is a huge problem in a pokemon with so many switches in like lax. Without bslam snorlax is much less rng dependant. And even there, lax has the stats to be a worthy pokemon for the meta, however without the pressure(too huge) on paralyze chance, the opponent has choices for checking and countering it like any other mon. So, unless u are willing to go 252 hp/def ampharos to not get paralyze, a complex ban on lax would be the best.
  5. Absol counters defensive grumpig effectively well, but u didnt specify. Offensive grumpig is a thing.
  6. yeah, careful raichu walls physical orineted mixed elctabuzz all day. also, grumpig is faster than absol and can ruin it with hidden power/ signal beam on switch
  7. after reading last chapter, rip everything.
  8. Well, in later handheld gens, its possible, and honestly, it is a great addition. Just set a fixed point each route, shouldn´t be hard. I´m on this.
  9. -1 252 Atk Life Orb Raichu Volt Tackle vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Mightyena: 64-75 (36.1 - 42.3%) -- guaranteed 3HKO Give mightyena recover plz
  10. Did anyone read the latest one yet? Kubo being forced to finish the manga against his own will. Coincidence enough what he said in the Kyoraku part (ppl dont like the pace of him). Also the Shuuhei scene, where no one knew his bankai, seems like a metaphor for the deadlines they gave to him.
  11. I´m glad you guys liked it. This really motivates me on keep going with my fanfiction story. With only two winners, I wasnt really expecting to reach this far. Thanks
  12. ppl would create alts to battle noobs and earn free bp.
  13. Fillers are usually non-cannon and most of the times nothing to do with the writer, Tite Kubo. And I wished there was an anime for this arc
  14. I still can´t believe it, unless the final chapter has like 400 pages, I can´t think how he will explain everything so far.
  15. No, its blitz jungle with support item.
  16. It was just a matter of time until he would do something, and that something yes, its spoilers.
  17. This needs to be updated cause.... Aizen is back
  18. Hai guys. As you are well aware, UU and NU unranked is pretty much dead. The updated E4 also prooved npcs can have specific ev trained teams and the AI is not too bad either. My idea is: Create a facility where we can test our new NU/UU comps. The players would be able to choose NU/UU and from there, they would only battle against pokemons of that tier. Also dont know if possible, but if compbase could suggest fixed teamsets for those facilities would be good. Comment.
  19. I love how u always ban offensive mons, no wonder why 6 stall teams are everywhere. edit: With quagsire and poliwrath around, kingler cant use its strongest move safely, double edge cant 2hko poli, and I have yet to calculate other physical walls, so stay in NU
  20. The point is, all those counters you stated get wrekt by a special absol, besides quag which is meh cause toxic is everywhere.
  21. 5pm BST, no fucking way, I can join this
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