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  1. I just wanted to log out. I thought it is just meanless talk. But need to fix something. William didnt surrender just 1 or 2 games to give opponent point. If i watched his 1 or 2 surrender games. I didnt insist he is inappropriate as host cuz of maybe internet problem or etc. i reported some of win trade players who did win trade over 5 games to give point not do fun. William is the player who i reported cuz he did in a vicious way not fun. Ofc his main tier was not dubs tier and it is not important issue fact is he did it for lengyuQAQ. Ofc i reported lengyuQAQ cuz as u said, i lost 2nd place cuz of lengyuQAQ and chinese friends huge win trade during season last 2 weeks. MrPharm who is 3rd place in season 4 dubs ranked is my alt. I remember i whispered william “dont do win trade i dont want to report u” but he ignored and did samthings for lengyuQAQ. the reason i wrote about lengyuQAQ is my opinion’s example that williamHE is inappropriate as host. As u said, william is good player but not good host. I didnt attack players who dont do illegal things i just insist host need to be fair cuz wc need to be fair. I say again. The point is host need to be fair. Is it inappropriate way for me to say sb is not fair although i reported with proof? Then teach me which method is appropriate way. As i said, lengyuQAQ did huge win trade during season last 2 weeks and got 2nd place with friends included williamHE. U think rly william did 1 or 2 game surrender for just fun? And the last, it is rly sad u cant make urself as host. If u r host, maybe wc will be fun.
  2. Ah ok im sorry about that i misread the context . It was my mistake if u mean sb is sombody. Yes i dont have right to judge someone if i dont have proof. The reason i thought williamHE is chinese is when he helped lengyuQAQ in dubs ranked season4, he whispered me lengyuQAQ is his girl friend. Cuz Most of chinese helped lengyuQAQ, i thought he is chinese too ofc his forum ign, nantongtouzi made me to think he is chinese but my point didnt changed. I thought host need to be fair morally. At least if host have experience to do win trade, i think he dont have right to be host
  3. IGN : EYL Country : south korea Fluff : I need to skip again this world cup like the last world cup reason is Host -williamHE : the great one of chinese win traders who did help lengyuQAQ in season 4 doubles ranked Council Limbowred : dont have to say something except he is thr great host in last world cup we dont have players who can host or do council greatly like orangemaniac, mago? ? thank you!!
  4. Make urself a top player in any tiers then u will be good leader in this game
  5. I hope only 'the chinese' who r real chinese sign up this event not win traders. Dennis gave funds for players who will enjoy this event not for win traders
  6. If that is right, i can understand now y match manipulation players keep to do win trade continuously and ignore the situation. But i will watch the result of our staff's investigation and how to deal with this situation
  7. U can search the thing kyu said about match manipulation in forums. And rather i think it is reasonable punishment if they wont get permanent ban. U don't think it is rather light punishment if match manipulation player get temporary ban as punishment about match manipulation and get crown when season is over?
  8. First of all, ty for answer desu. I want to solve this problem well. If the players who i reported is proved they did win trade(match manipulation), i guess they need to get a punishment which all of player will feel it is convincing. For example kyu said in forums " if players do match manipulation, they will be banned quiackly and get taken away their reward." And i want staff to manage match manipulation like macro and rmt to prohibit this type of players from happening. Ty
  9. Hello gamers im EYL who r now #2 in dubs ranked. Fitst of all, plz understand my bad english. In dubs ranked, some players r doing win trade to get crown now. Ofc i reported with strong evidence which staff always say. Before report, i consulted to staff about this evidence. And staff admitted it is win trade. And i just wait report's answer. I know staff r dedicated this game so much so they r busy but my worry point is whether they will solve my reports by end of the season or not. Maybe ppl who play especially dubs tier may know some chinese and other country players do win trade to get high elo or crown. And especially [removed] who r #2 dubs ranked season 4 ladder got crown with this win trade so when we were in season 4, i reported him and bearminator admitted [removed] did win trade but reply after season over. And i heard [removed] got a punishment. So i thought he wont do samething anymore. But he have started samething since december 12th to get crown again with his friends. I think ranked is this game's major contents so i think win trade need to deal with srsly like rmt and macro if not, this type of players will happen more. Kyu said if players do win trade, they will be banned quickly and get taken away their reward in forums. This win trader think win trade is not problem. So i want to know u staff's opinion about win trade. If u staff just reply "plz just keep to wait patient, i will think this game officially allow win trade because i have waited during 2 weeks now and season will be over soon. Ty
  10. IGN : EYL TImezone : GMT+9 Tiers : Doubles Fluff : Im noob. Dont trust me ?
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