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  1. Hello PokeMMO Community, those who know me will maybe remember that in the past I liked to host tournaments for cash prizes all by myself and now that I am back in the game with enough time for it, I was thinking of once again hosting some of these to provide y'all with some options of competition and the chance to make some money on the side. My only concern was if there still was demand for these kinds of things, seeing as the staff is providing their own share of tournaments on a regular basis. The tournaments would have no entry fee, see all sorts of tiers be played and have prizes provided for by me and possible community donations. Vote in the poll attached or tell me your opinion and feel free to give suggestions of what you would like to see. Also open to hosting non tournament a.k.a pve stuff.
  2. Heya, the tournament is tagged as OU ingame, should probably fix to avoid confusion.
  3. Heya, most out there probably don't remember me, but I decided to come back to the game after a lengthy break. For those who do remember me and anyone else really, do come say hello. Find me in game as Kurodashi.
  4. Back I guess?

    1. Bestfriends


      Welcome back, your PokeMMO Autumn Showdown 2016 Playlist is still available on the Roy Rogers News channel.

  5. Took a break for a few months, getting back into the game now. So on topic, can someone give me a rundown on the top UU stuff? UU viability Thread isn't up to date so thought I'd as here since I also got some moveset questions; What does one most commonly run on Oma; Cradily, Meganium and Altaria? I understand theres is room for different attacks, but rn I am just trying to get the basic stuff before I experiment in movesets. Also before I think about selling mine, what is the chance of Tenta/Haunter comming back to UU?
  6. Good sir can you tell me where I can change my name to have such a nice light blue color like you?


    jk, congrats man

    1. Bearminator


      Why would you change your name, light blue Kurodashi sounds good :3


      Thanks a lot buddy!

  7. Still lf a time with @Tyrone, whenever you want
  8. I see how it is. Dropping down to be only my second favorite bear. @Tyrone Name a time and I'll play you Also Lololololo Moemoe benched 'cause K9 wants to win
  9. Nah, I am opposed to salty suite in general, so naturally I am not gonna play it. Also done with moetal after his shitstorm,
  10. Sorry even if it was mmo tiers I woudn't play salty suit no matter against who it is.
  11. Why didn't it work out? I invested hours daily to make this game just a bit better, be it for just a few players and I know my work was appreciated, by other Staffmembers aswell as by players and I enoyed my time there. If you think that after I got promoted it didn't work out, then idk what to tell you. I only left staff, because I am to busy irl to have time to actively do the staffjob aswell. I don't know about their 'wrath', but the Staffmember who hid it mostlikely thought that I went in to aggresive or something and hid it, I don't agree with it, but hey that's up to the Staffmember, I just didn't like the fact that Moetal can ask me, 'Do you have downs?', but I can't say 'You are making yourself look like a pleb'. Not to mention my post is still quoted by Jovi.
  12. @Frag @DiDi I did 2 versions for you since with your full name it squishes everything together and might look off. Also am willing to write 'PokeMMO Autumn Champion' on a sig for the guy who wins instead of 'PokeMMO Autumn Invite' Let's have some good finals matches.
  13. Damn someone hid my posts, now I get how you guys feel. Moetal can say I have downs, but I can't call him a pleb?
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