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  1. No. I think you have to activate some stuff on ytube itself to show up on other pages
  2. Rather sell them and buy a leveling service, tho. Other than that its about Tentacruels. Have fun. Alternatives are there, if you want to see other virtual pixels (for whatever it should matter) but at the end of the day its about tentacruels and pickup
  3. But they have the potential power of a credit card
  4. Gotta admit, the idea really isnt bad in its core.
  5. Its a usable item now with a one hour duration. Each coin amulet can be used once.
  6. Whats controversial? That we had more events than ever in a row? What a pity!
  7. I was'nt it. It was @Ryu who backstabbed the title and edited it to chinese
  8. Halp. Iam addicted to slot machines and my friends tell me all the time i shall just continue and will get rewarded. no pun intended ofc, keep hunting bois
  9. Cleaned a bit for upcoming updates. Until that: UI is still functional
  10. Was nice. Next xmas event then is less worth than gym reruns.
  11. Yea, i just left the table when someone came up with the double shiny as a "argument". Its not.
  12. I recommend you play a bit longer to fully realize what you suggesting there. That would devalue every breeder in no time because people catch like 100 mons a hour, not even starting about catching Ditto Hordes in one Swipe and how broken it would be. And Dittos/common Breeder are already down to a ridicilous low. Hordes are ment to be for EV training, Exp.... and as a shiny-slot machine.
  13. The bigger Battle-Item Selection came with the latest (or one before?) Upate. I assume you can play around with the settings above but havent really f ound time and motivation to play around there. Tho, the Stretching looks like dante has 2 expressions 😄 Yea, the Bars Health/Info Bars are seperated for Normals, Horde and Spectating.
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