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  1. This required enough changes that it doesn't make sense to mention them all here I basically had to check all the new additions from back when I left and basically add them to my theme Hopefully there are no breaking changes, as I didn't thoroughly test it.. Sorry for the late reply I am not active at all, glad you like/liked the theme have fun and hope this helps link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g3nrDhYNMkojF_lrBXdi_pfOclBQkxJy/view?usp=sharing
  2. @awkways GO TO "themes\Eminent Revival\ui" and put this file - http://www.mediafire.com/file/1vnkdqeotn3w28p/monster-frame.xml/file - there. Mirror link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=185ePNMPiFOGdozGHAjxjFraTjtAMBIkv
  3. I'm somewhat dead, so it'll take sometime for me to bring myself to look at this and fix it.. but I'll try to make it happen friend :D
  4. I'm a lil unsettled. If this is a prank I'll be furious but incredibly happy. She has always been nice and fun to talk to, we had many chit chats and long serious talks. A great person indeed. Soon her exams were to start and I was rooting for her. Always telling me about the crazy Mexican system of tests. That she is anxious. If she did pass away, she has my prayers. I'll be sure to donate 100% of my in game yens if it means anything. Very sad start to a day.
  5. You'd have to force each player (or suspects) to screen-share and use a web-cam to "enforce" such thing. Yknow discord has a screen-share option, so a person can coach another without even being online for instance. If you want to take it a step farther, they can use their phones to communicate the next move as well. So the thing is.. It really can't be enforced imo.
  6. K.. let me tear you limp from limp then. I'm done with your overly burnt butt-hole that spouts nonsense. Who are "people"? You? Zym? I don't even know you, nor would I care to bother with beings of such ill-intentions and bratty behavior. Many others? You mean "few"? Do you know how English works? Cause two other topics are not described as "many", boy. And these topics were discussions, look the word up. Flaws? Let's talk about flaws, let's talk about a person who can't let go of a conversation with a stranger on the internet. (In case you missed that one, I'm calling you a flaw.) What? You think you're perfect? Cause I'll let you know right now, you are nothing. Zero. Naught. Perfectly hollow. When people show that "he's wrong"? Uhm, You realize, when I figured my mistake up there, I edited my comment. Cause I figured out, I was wrong :O (Other cases were debatable) Unlike brats like you, who get their opinions from others they worship like sheep, I form my own, and build it slowly, because that's how learning curves work, dimwit. Yaaa, a 3-1 score is "luck and counter picking".. Aha.. Sure. Whatever makes you sleep at night. (I used the same six mons for every game btw) I'm not speaking, fool. I'm typing. Oh finally, actually talking about the topic, good boy. Yes with team preview he doesn't have to, but that wasn't the point, so stop trying to force your ideology on others, it is sick, keep it to yourself. You could have literally just used your two examples -which are good- to help the man. Instead, your sick misfit personality and mentally-ill self got your head sending too much heat towards your butt. It then catches on a huge fire to the point at which you can raise your backside upwards for "people" to cook eggs on it, cause that's all you'd ever be good for. (Yes I just compared you to a cooking pan) GOOD DAY SIR. Hehehehehehehehehehe, ah man, what a silly thing xD I shall entertain you no further than this, hope you had your fill.
  7. Typical stuff =/= better options Tyranitar? I didn't run calcs, but off of my head I'd say you can switch him in on that set without caring. Obviously that's a gamble, but yknow.. Anyway, we are going off topic here, my posts were an attempt to help OP. And since it seems like people here don't like me much (or at all lol), I'm out of here :D Have a good day
  8. You two are assuming Ice Shard over Razor Shell or Rock Blast? Maybe Rock Blast isn't any good actually. (If we don't care about Slowbro) Conk takes ~33% and Scizor ~22% and both of them knock Cloy out afterwards. Adamant variants actually force a sac. If it really has Ice Shard, "Intimidate Arcanine" into E-speed after Lava Plume is the safer option. Your salt turns rivers into seas. xD
  9. As for the Cloyster lead, Whim crushes that.. just switch it in and Encore it. He will keep shell smashing or switch out, in the latter case you prevented the danger and can U-turn (or switch) somewhat safely. You can also follow jfk's suggestion and give up some HP in favor of SpAtk. I'm not sure how that handles focus sash variants, but it works vs the ones that don't have that. On the Memento thing, I think it could replace Defog or U-turn. Gotta match that with your play style. Ok, tbh I'd say "Calm 252HP/252SpDef".. I have no calcs to back this up though. My reason is different, it is just because Whim gets Cotton Guard. If you ever decide to use the whole Toxic/ Sub/ Cotton Guard/ Leech Seed shenanigans. Thanks for being a nice person btw :D
  10. I was wondering why everything was out-speeding me after Acrobatics/Flying Gem with my Drift vs various mons.. Not that it stopped me from finding a way to win, it was confusing none-the-less.. Now it makes sense tbh I thought I sucked at speed-tiers or that everyone is running choice scarf! xD
  11. Ok so, just to make sure everything is where it should be It was not me who said that. Still, it is a very important and correct note. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Moving on. Yes! Whimsicott definitely suffers greatly from the "4 moves only" syndrome. It even gets "Memento", "Tail Wind", and many other AMAZING moves that get priority! With that said, we need to take a moment to think about his role. 1- He isn't going to stall, he will set the sun and U-Turn out of there immediately (most of the time). 2- Toxic/Protect is for stalling, it is not that good to run one without the other. (Scouting < Making use of Sun turns) 3- Given that you probably won't use "Heat Rock" on Whim, I believe it is better to let go of this ^ strategy here. 4- Encore is always good, since if you know a mon will 100% set-up, you can switch him in and with priority Encore, it just puts the momentum back with you. Sunny Day/ U-Turn/ Encore/ Leech Seed ..That is most likely the moveset I'd go for, with Leech Seed being the one move you can change with maybe Defog/Memento (Memento if you have a big set-up mon that you want to switch in on an attacker) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Onto the next subject. Give up on Solar-Beam.. If you want it on someone, Typhlosion would be the better choice, since Tork won't really be dealing damage with it. I ran some calcs and even in the Sun, Milotic beats Tork 1v1 every time, so Solar-Beam would only be useful vs Swampert, Quagsire, Seismitoad and Rhyperior. None of the mons I mentioned see much use in OU. (Not because they are bad, people usually don't use them that much, or rather there are bigger threats.) Moreover, if a weather setter is switched in on the turn you decided to click Solar-Beam you'll be locked into using it. Running the calcs the damage on both Rain and Sand setters after they remove the sun is mediocre and so isn't worth it. If you want to make a Modest Tork though, my opinion might change xD Rapid Spin/ Toxic/ Steal Rock/ Lava Plume is the moveset you want on Tork I think. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Last but not least, you are welcome good sir, happy I could help :D Good luck and have fun!
  12. K I don’t know much about sun teams and they are usually shunned because both rain and sand users counter them in the sense that sand raises the special defense of the types that benefit from it and rain mons usually have a second stab move that kills the benefactors of sun. Also there is the fact that most mons with chlorophyll are one dimensional and don’t have many variants in sets if any. There is also the fact that sun boosts the common fire moves, which hit grass types super effectively, but that's an obvious one. If you worry about it, then Flash Fire Arcanine is the better option. Now with that said, don’t mind anyone trying to tell you not to use the team, have fun experimenting :D So first thing that comes to mind is how to kill other weather setters, in that sense you may need a fighting mon/move to make sure Tyranitar is always threatened (since Hippowdon is usually threatened by sun teams regardless, I’m not mentioning it as the main thing to keep in mind, same goes for Giga). As for Pelliper, some people run it with scarf, so keep that in mind, stab Hurricanes are rough. You may need a fast scarfed pokemon that stays in the back and always threatens most of the meta... I use agility Blaizken instead, with TPunch, Hi and Blaze kick.. item being either sash or wide lens, depends on whether you have hazard control or not, and whether the rest of the team can manage common priority users. Good luck! And I can’t wait for Infernape to be implemented and rape all the variables of the current metagame xD
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