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  1. Quackalackingly good breeder, if only I could afford duck eggs IRL like I could here o:
  2. Look at this sexy beauty in its natural habitat o: IGN: AKarpenter
  3. I don't know what is more impressive, the food or his nice chopstick skills compared to mine (then again anyone has better chopstick skills than me lol)
  4. https://youtu.be/pC6zs5BaEz8 Damn, now this would be everything that I could ever want from a chocolate cookie (Too bad the video can't be embedded here for whatever reason lol)
  5. Now scrambled and with turkey bacon hidden underneath the beef o; (and one less can of sardines v:)
  6. Three cans worth of sardines, four eggs, and four pieces of ground beef because I can o:
  7. Damn, I'd be all over this xD
  8. Damn, that looks and sounds like such a comforting dish to eat with family members after a long/hard day at work ?
  9. Me, and the sausages were just generic store-bought sausages in a can so of course they were plain, I was just starting to cook back then and I was too poor and lazy, I can definitely do better now lol Still was good enough for me to eat at the time though, I am very easy to please with food if it fits within my diet's boundaries xD
  10. Meat-based plants, the next best free real estate smh
  11. Damn this looks like something I would break my diet for before I die xD
  12. Today feels like Donut week, considering how many times I feel like I have been looking at Donut videos thus far smh
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